Ragnarok PH Relaunch: Everything You Need To Know

REJOICE RAGNAROK ONLINE FANS! Philippines is bringing back RO to us and everyone can’t be more excited! I got to hear the managing director in the premiere press conference and I bring good tidings. Behold! Everything you need to know about Ragnarok Online Philippines Relaunch!

Relaunch Date

Closed Beta Testing is being open by Mid June 2017. After initial beta testing to confirm that everything is in good working condition, will Ragnarok Philippines be Open to Public. No worries! There aren’t any restrictions to being part of  the closed beta testing and you can easily register for it!

Free to Play

Ragnarok Philippines will launch as a free to play game. And as their managing director, an avid gamer and Ragnarok World Championship Winner 2012, it will stay a Free to Win. What does Free to Win mean?

Free to Win

It means that everything you need to survive and thrive in the game will be in-game and with no purchase necessary. Items purchasable in the item mall will only boost the characters in a balanced way. Meaning no IMBA equips or boosts! This is amazing news for hard-core gamers!

There would be no VIP system, no channel system, no corruption in GMs. A huge goal of Ragnarok Philippines now would be focused on equality.

To quote the managing director:

All Key-items could be dropped in game. All you need is teamwork and assiduity.

No Bots

Ragnarok PH will be banning bots strictly. Using a Finnish company, they upgraded their security to stop any bots from entering. All bots, not even data gathering bots like Ragial, would NOT be allowed to function.

GM Corruption

To curb Game Master corruption, the management would restrict the access of GMs of giving out items to players. They put up stringent systems to restrain the exploitation of GMs in-game.


We know that Ragnarok is an episodal MMORPG. What the ROPH is now trying to do is to retain the classic RO feeling while optimizing the formulas in the Renewal for balance. Thus ROPH would open as Revo-Classic.

We start with Class 2-1 first and slowly introducing Class 2-2 afterwards, within 6 months. That would be the timeline before they start rolling out third jobs. Third jobs would then be introduced at around 1 to 2 years.

Start Up Map

Ragnarok Philippines will start out with this map:

Notice that Juno is not yet available and Morroc is in its pre-destruction state! Personally loathed Morroc after its destruction, it was gloomy and sad.

Servers of Ragnarok

The servers that they will open first would be Thor and Loki. Sorry Chaos and Iris fans, you have to wait to play in Chaos or Iris server!


They would also allow multi-clients, however, it would be limited to 5. Five open clients open at the same time hardly seems like a limit to me, frankly.

EXTREME Competition

They are definitely bringing back competition. According to Extreme and ELITE, there will be at least a local championship with HUGE prizes. (Think in thousands of dollars) Someday soon, they’re even ringing back Ragnarok WORLD Championships!

Out of Game Support

In case of technical difficulties, bugs, etc, you are free to contact their live chat system embedded in the Ragnarok Online Philippines website.


Get ready to play the best MMORPG! Register for your access to Close Beta Testing at http://ragnarokonline.com.ph

See you there!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below and I’ll do my bets to answer it ASAP!

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