What To Expect if You Want Bright Colored Hair


Been wanting that amazing colored hair but are too afraid to do it? I know it’s a new terrain but there’s really no need to fear. As someone who’s been coloring my hair weird bright colors for more than a year, let me tell you what to expect.


Dry and Damaged

To get bright colored hair, it’s a MUST to bleach your hair. Especially dark colored Asian hair like mine. Unless of course you’re using temporary colors like hair chalk or hair spray. But when you use semi-permanent colors, bleaching your hair (especially for dark haired Asians like me) is the very first step. To achieve a bright color, you have to bleach multiple times to get your hair as light as possible. This will result in a heavily damaged and dry hair. It might even become really brittle (like what happened with me), break and fall off at the slightest pressure.


High Maintenance Hair

Your roots will grow and your hair dye will fade. To maintain it, you need to bleach your roots every 3 weeks, and recolor your hair every 6 weeks. There will also be instances where the color will bleed through your clothes and sheets and everything else.

Dry shampoo, castor oil, argan oil, leave on conditioner, sulfate free shampoo. These are just some of the hair products you’ll most probably need to be using to keep your hair somewhat healthy and alive. It does cost more than maintaining your natural locks. You can opt not to use it, but your hair won’t be as pretty as it would be if it’s well maintained.


Stained Everything

Your clothes, your towels, even your bed sheets could be a victim of your hair color bleeding. Semi permanent hair color fades every time you wet it because the color goes with the water as it drips off your hair. Newly colored hair are more prone to this than those that have been in your hair later. It’s time to buy colored towels (preferably same color as your bright hair) so your pristine white ones can evade being forever stained by your tresses.

Protip: To avoid stains on your clothes and bed sheets, fully dry your hair before wearing your top/lying down. 



Prepare to be stared at

You are going to be a head turner now. It’ll be awkward at first, but you get used to it eventually. Not only is your hair color different, it’s also unbelievably eye-catching. your friends will be able to make you out a mile away. Plus we are still a minority with weird hair colors so people will get curious and stare at you.


Compliments everywhere

One of the best things in having bright colored hair! Your friends and relatives would loudly exclaim that your hair is amazing. People you don’t know will sometimes approach you to tell you that your hair is nice. Random people you interact with (i.e. sales people, cab drivers, acquaintances) will comment on it and tell you they wish they had your hair. Plus, the people that stared at you? When you pass them by, you can hear some of them whispering to their companions “Ganda ng buhok ni ate, oh!”



All your outfits look more fashionable

The second best thing with having hair like ours. You have an ultimate accessory now. Whatever you wear looks doubly cool. BUT beware of wearing clothing that clashes with your hair color. It may do ore harm than good. As a general rule, though, you look cooler.


Kids think you’re awesomesauce

You’re basically a cartoon character come to life. They will be amazed and will, from time to time, openly gawk at you. In my experience, kids are more likely to love you and be instant friends with you. Probably because you look friendlier with your caricature hair.



What do you expect when you get colored hair? Those with bright hair colors, what else should be expected? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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