Fashion Finals Photoshoot Outfit


White collared, balloon sleeved shirt worn underneath a vintage brown and black plaid dress with silver accents. White knee high socks complement the brown leather heeled booties and accessorized with a tan leather watch, minimalist golden chain earrings, and a black ribboned beret.

I like this photo shoot a lot because most of the models and photographers were close friends of mine. We had the shoot in Terra Park in Bonifacio Global City. That day had a beautiful weather. Because it wasn’t extremely sunny nor did it rain, the weather was extremely perfect for a photoshoot. I’m glad that BGC implements the photo-friendly atmosphere. Since they have such gorgeous sights, it would be a shame not to use them.



Because the theme of the photoshoot was a movie, the character I had inadvertently dressed up as had a partner. Apparently, my character had a suitor but her attitude was cold and uncompassionate. Very frigid, I must say.

It was a bit difficult to emote since I’ve never watched the movie the photoshoot was based on. The stylists and photographers had to tell me exactly what I had to look like. Usually, I do it by feel, but this time feels a bit different.

Although, I rarely shoot with props, I found that using them can be ton of fun! Some of the props used were the yellow bag, the binoculars, and that big old map. I don’t think anyone uses real maps anymore. With the GPS and digital maps, no more need for those paper maps to look for your location.



I adore this shot for the expression and the way you can see the makeup. I didn’t put on my own makeup, so I love showing this one off. Since I have hooded eyes and putting on eye shadow can be difficult. I learned a few tricks and tips from my makeup artist, to boot!


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