First Step: Acquiring A Waist Trainer

First Step: Acquiring A Waist Trainer


I got my waist trainer from Lacey Leatherie last May. I’ve been wanting to try corsets for the longest time. One big reason is that I don’t feel shapely enough.

I mean, I know I’m not thin, but I know that I have a nice set of hips and bottom. But my stomach wasn’t cooperating to give me that nice hour glass figure. I think my stomach wanted to be my hips, too.

So I researched a bit on waist training versus using corsets, the rules and tips in using corset trainers, and so on and so forth.When I thought I was ready, I wanted to contact Lacey and tell her I plan on buying a waist trainer.

But browsing through her catalogue I didn’t know what size I should get. Suddenly dumbfounded, I realized that all those articles and videos I’ve read and watched are the tip of the iceberg. It’s a simple question, but all the information I read didn’t even contain what size would fit a person with my body size. There was a size chart available, but I still wasn’t sure.

UPDATE: Lacey posted a guide on How to Measure Your Corset Size 

Lacey was very helpful. She patiently told me what sizes would fit me and recommended one that would be best for what I wanted to achieve. She even gave me tips on how to care and how to maintain the waist trainer I was going to buy.

Initially, I was going to buy just a white Jacquard waist trainer (XS), but I figured, if I needed to wear this thing 23/7 and I’d need a spare. So I also ordered a black Jacquard waist trainer (XS).


The order arrived really quickly! It was beautiful, with its magnificent flowery detail, steel front clasps, and its silk ribbon that laced at the back.  I couldn’t wait to cinch me up! But Lacey reminded me that I needed to  break it in first. Cinc h it up just tight enough that it’s snug.


On my next post, I’ll talk about actually wearing and breaking in the waist trainer!

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