Flower Leather Combination Outfit


Flower patterened crop top with lace fringe at the bottom, leather skort from H&M , and leather and textured canvas fabric flats. I accessorized with a gold anchor necklace and let my hair run loose to show off the vibrant color.

I actually don’t like my makeup ┬áhere. I tried out my new Iope foam CC cream from Korea and even at its darkest shade, its still too light. My face looks so pale in the photos. The difference in my face color and natural skin tone is staggering. Next time, I’ll make sure to reduce the CC cream and try to blend my natural color in more.

What I love about this outfit is that its so easy to transform it into a party outfit just by changing the flats into a more extravagant footwear. The color of the top also complements my hair color perfectly. The black lace detail also gives a nice contrast between the leather skort.

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