Fuji Flower Festival Fashion


Beige woolen, knit mini skirt dress that hugs your curves. Neutral colored leggings with subtle pattern on white. Maroon leather high cut boots, loosely laced. Minimalist earring and hair worn loose. Optional aztec patterened brightly colored earth toned “cape-kimono”.

I’ve had this dress a while. I guess I can call it vintage because we have had this since the 90s. Gasp! Thats already more than 20 years ago! It’s really difficult to wear in the PH because of our hot weather.. Not just hot, it’s unbelievably humid, too. If I wear this outside, chances are within 2 minutes, I would have melted.

IMG_9690 IMG_9670

My favorite about this outfit is the subtle textures it has. The woolen knitted dress had the knit pattern, of course, but the leggings, though neutral in color, had subtle patterns on it. I bought it on sale in H&M and I never saw them carry this pair again. It was pretty and warm and oh so comfortable, too.

My cape, you’d see this more often this next few posts. Its my new travel outerwear. Its super comfy, makes simple outfits stand out, and looks so fetch! The weather in Japan then was perfect for wearing this. It gets super cold and windy at night.


This outfit, I wore when we went to see Mt Fuji in Japan. On the way to Mt Fuji, we had driven by a lone cherry blossom tree in bloom. It was the only one, I swear. The amazing thing about this is that its view on Mt Fuji is unparalleled. It just so happened, that our trip coincided with a great flower festival near there! We of course, went to see an actual Japanese festival.

It was pretty late and the festival would close in about an hour and a half so we couldn’t explore the whole of the festival grounds. But what we saw was already so beautiful. Countless flowers as far as the eye can see. Not even an exaggeration. The flower field really does stretch out for miles. Pink and white were the dominant colors, but there were other different colored flowers there, too.



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