Fun Lorem Ipsum Generators


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet are words that designers are familiar with. We don’t necessarily know what they mean, but we use them enough that some of us have it pretty much memorized. And sometimes we get bored with that. Here are really hilarious lorem ipsums generators for the bored and fun designer:

lorem ipsum

Beki Ipsum

This really funny lorem ipsum. Bragging to be the only Lorem Ipsum generator that uses the “gay language” as placeholders! Try to read it, it’s super fun!

Lorem ipsum keme keme keme 48 years boyband ang boyband at nang bakit ng kasi na bonggakea at bakit shonget majonders chopopo ng guash ma-kyonget ang na at nang. juts oblation oblation otoko ano ano shontis shala warla chipipay bakit shonget ng daki kasi balaj ano ma-kyonget na ang bakit kemerloo bakit at ugmas shogal na na intonses effem ano pamenthol chopopo thunder valaj pamin at jowabella doonek na otoko ano fayatollah kumenis shonget at bakit kasi shogal Gino mashumers waz at ang bokot sudems.



Cat Ipsum

This is a really cute generator. But read it and it’s mostly a cat complaining as your placeholder text.

Cat ipsum dolor sit amet, flop over shove bum in owner’s face like camera lens so meow all night having their mate disturbing sleeping humans. Sleep in the bathroom sink throwup on your pillow, and hate dog, yet sleep on keyboard jump around on couch, meow constantly until given food, yet you call this cat food?



Hipster Ipsum

Definitely the aesthetic I like the most. Hipster Ipsum are for the hipsters or for those looking for strange irony in their design. Their site is really minimalist and pretty and I love that about Hipster Ipsum.

Direct trade normcore actually, selfies cold-pressed vegan VHS. Brooklyn asymmetrical pabst beard truffaut. Tattooed celiac offal next level, brooklyn fingerstache shabby chic dreamcatcher selvage pug messenger bag. Typewriter you probably haven’t heard of them wolf fashion axe, jean shorts letterpress tilde whatever. Hammock trust fund organic butcher offal bespoke XOXO health goth 8-bit, kombucha quinoa waistcoat fap humblebrag. Wayfarers scenester vice yuccie. Health goth organic poutine, roof party kale chips ethical portland farm-to-table.





Coffee Ipsum

This is my favorite Lorem Ipsum generator. It’s cute and I can almost taste the coffee when I use this. And, if I accidentally forget to change this before sending to a client, it isn’t cringe-worthy. Unlike Beki Ipsum. *shudder*

Seasonal bar java aged, café au lait fair trade that black cinnamon. Extraction, cappuccino, id kopi-luwak affogato café au lait turkish. Flavour americano macchiato organic, pumpkin spice, affogato aftertaste blue mountain in qui acerbic. Decaffeinated, ristretto, organic frappuccino medium, blue mountain est kopi-luwak percolator espresso. Aroma galão single shot, black cinnamon extra, and siphon cappuccino a latte irish.


Do you have any favorite lorem ipsum generators? I’d love to know all about them!

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