Why Gamers Need Huawei MediaPad M3

Huawei MediaPad M3 has become the gamers go-to tablet. And let me tell you the Huawei MediaPad M3 totally deserves it. Let’s recount all the things that makes it into the best tablet for gamers like you and I.

Sound atmosphere

To make sure that we are super immersed in whatever game we love to play on mobile, Huawei collaborated with technology experts frim harman Kardon to bring us superior sound output. Think the feel of surround sound, but in your hands! They didn’t stop there, the dual stereo speakers adapt to the device’s orientation for seamless listening PLUS it has a digital to analogue audio conversion, making it perfect for higher spec earphones.

Truly, it really surprised me when I tried it out. The sound was just incredible. So much better, than even my PC’s sound!

mediapad m3

Visual Ultra Clarity

MediaPad M3’s screen measures at 8.4inches with INtelligent Ultra 2K display, making it the tablet with the highest resolution! The pixel density stands at 359 pixels per inch and I just adore the vibrancy of colors and the rich contrast of it. With Huawei’s ClariVu 3.0 tech, aside from the awesome colors, the images stay sharp while a feature called Eye Comfort reduces eye strain when playing games in dim or darkened areas.

Longer power of MediaPad M3

With intense processing power usually comes with a price. And most tablet’s price is the battery life. Not MediaPad M3! Huawei increased the battery capacity to 5,100mAh which can last up to 11 hours of full HD video playback or 6 freaking hours of 3D gaming. That’s 6 hours without needing to charge and non-stop gaming!

Potent processor

Huawei enabled a faster processing by installing a powerful Kirin 950 processor. The processor, of course, clocks at 2.3GHz with a whopping 4GB LPDDR4 RAM. Operating with ARM-based A72 architecture and T880 quad-core graphics chop, the Kirin 950 gives unbelievable performance, without regard for the heaviness of the program. Graphics intensive gaming will then be always responsive!

Compact and Seamless

The space-grade aluminum design makes sure that its lightweight and comfortable i hand. I am dazzled by MediaOad M3’s ergonomic, yet stylish facade. With its curved, diamond cut edges and a super thin profile at 7.3mm, sure does leave you with a gaping mouth.


With that specs, this definitely is the top new gadget that you need to have in your hands as a gamer, whether you like it hard-core or casual.

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