Experimental Fashion Going Lolita


White long sleeved cotton turtleneck underneath a black sleeveless lace button down. The bottom is a custom made multi-layer black lolita skirt, tied together with a grey thick belt with a silver filigree buckle. White shoes are worn with a thigh high stocking socks complete with lace tops. Accessorized with a pair of golden earrings, rose thumb ring, beige leather backpack, and a black Parisian hat. I wore my hair in two braids, but it also looks good with my hair down.


I love this skirt so much. This is a really really old skirt. I had it custom made when I was in High School for a lolita cosplay I was doing. A decade later, here I am wearing it in Japan. I think that my high school self is exploding with glee if she finds out that this weab of a skirt made it to this city.

The top is actually a two piece item. I hid the collar of the black lace top under the folds of the turtle neck. No one will be wiser.

I think that the hat is what tied this whole ensemble together. It created a sense of coherence. That I did not just throw on everything I saw and called it lolita.

Now, I know that this is barely Lolita in Lolita standards, but I still love it. I lament that this isn’t one of the outfits that I can strut around in the PH. It’s too out there. Too different. Too weird. Which is exactly why I adore it.


In Tokyo fashion sense, this outfit is still very mild. It can be described as tame. The stark difference is amusing and yet saddening for me. I would love to belong somewhere where everyone can be free to express themselves creatively without being judged, ogled, and sneered at.

I want boys to be free to wear skirts, and girls be free to go topless. These double standards have always irked me. Even as a child, I knew that I was equal to any boy in the playground. And I will give hell to anyone who says otherwise.


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