The Green Thumb Coalition


The world is in danger. Because of us. Humans. . It doesn’t need to be like that. We, as a species, can help save the world from further damage. It can be ecological, humanitarian, or something else. But what can you, a single individual, help save the world? Green Thumb Coalition is trying to save the world and it needs our  help.

You can become a part of something bigger, something greater, something that organizes and mobilizes. You can join organizations that help change the world for the better.

Apparently, there are 9 thematics that you can become an advocate of.

1.Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem integrity;

2.Natural resource and land use management and governance;

3.Sustainable agriculture;

4.Waste management;

5.Upholding human rights and integrity of creation;

6.Climate justice;

7.Mining, extractives, and mineral resource management;

8.Energy transformation and democracy;

9.People-centered sustainable development

You aren’t of course limited to one, but being able to choose what exactly you are passionate about lets you become focused on a single goal that can help change the world.


You don’t even have to choose to be part of any organization. Any effort in making the world a better place helps a lot. Green Thumb Coalition is urging you to vote for a President that cares for our environment. Someone in the higher office with a great deal of influence would have a tremendous impact in our world.

The organization wants to accomplish the following:

—To bring forth environmental and green issues at the centre stage of electoral period;

—To enjoin most of the environmental groups to campaign for the green platform;

—To include the green agenda in the candidates’ platform;

—To embrace the green electoral agenda by the public;

—To hold elected officials accountable


Green Thumb Coalition is one of the organizations that handles becoming more eco-friendly. They have more than 40 other affiliate organizations, have garnered 10M signatures against Mining in Palawan, and many more.

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What other ways do you do to save the Earth? Comment below and share with us!

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