Hair Care Tips for Swimming

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I love to swim. Sea, ocean, pool, rivers, lakes, you name it, I’ll swim in it. But I also love my hair. I damaged it irrevocably by bleaching. Then damaged it further by coloring and styling. So I try to NOT damage it when I swim. To care for your hair before, during, and after swimming, these tips might just save your hair.

Pre Swim Care

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. Wet Your Hair

You know when you had swimming lessons, people always ask you to shower before jumping in the pool? Well, aside from hygienic purposes, pre-showers or at least wetting your hair with fresh water really help in preventing further damage to your hair. Wet hair doesn’t absorb any more water, so sea water or water with chlorine doesn’t do as much damage as it would with dry hair. It also prevents brittleness in hair.

. Protect

Before dipping your mane in water, put a bit of leave in conditioner or normal conditioner to give your hair an additional layer against the harsh wet environment. It washes away slowly, but it gives your hair precious minutes of protected hair. What I do, whenever I get out of the water, I reapply conditioner for longer protection.

. Tie Your Hair

Use a soft scrunchy. Elastics can snag and tear your hair when you try to take them out when your hair is wet. Tying your hair also hinders water to easily go through each strand of your hair. By tying it, you’re basically shielding some parts from being too damaged. Best would be to use a french braid.

Post Swim Care

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. Rinse

After swimming, rinse your hair as soon as you can with fresh water to get rid of the salt and chemicals that made it and stuck to your hair strands.

Protip: Rinse with fresh water before untying your hair. Salty/pool water sticks your braided hair together causing a tangled mess if you undo it before rinsing.


. Shampoo and Conditioner

Use baby shampoo for rinsing afterwards. Using harsher shampoos can do more damage to your already damaged hair and do more harm than good. Be sure use conditioner, too, to get back the softness and silkiness of you hair.

. Treatment

Wait a few days before using treatment after swimming so your hair can relax from the stress of the swimming. If you can, use organic hair treatment to gain back the full silkiness and softness and care for your hair.


Comment below on what other hair tips would you like to see next! 


  • Claire Summers
    Posted January 8, 2017 12:27 am 0Likes

    Some fantastic advice here! I have really curly hair which is super absorbent and I’m a huge beach girl. I never realized getting your hair wet with fresh water would help prevent damage but it totally makes sense. Going to try this next time I’m at the beach!

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  • Lady Arizel
    Posted March 25, 2016 3:27 pm 0Likes

    Showering before entering a pool became a habit of mine when I took swimming lessons during my childhood in Japan but I never knew it was also to prevent hair damage. It does make sense though. I love swimming too but I only enjoy swimming in pools because I became dependent on my glasses after I damaged my eyesight due to illness. I live in Laguna where there are countless pool resorts but no sports pools so I rarely swim now :'( These are great tips! Definitely useful whenever I will go swimming :)))

  • CJ
    Posted March 25, 2016 2:17 pm 0Likes

    <3 Thanks for ze tips jules 🙂

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