Hennessy Crowns the King of the Road


I was super lucky to be able to attend the launch of Hennessy’s crowned King of the Road. The #1 cognac brand in the world, Hennessy, has long travelled the globe placing its mark in every country while embracing its local culture. In the Philippines, it continues to bring its philosophy of embracing local by glorifying a very special, iconic and historical symbol, the ubiquitous jeepney.

Vibrant, distinct and audacious, the presence of the jeepney on the road reminds Filipinos of the country they were born into, and its ways and practices of living. The jeepney is an iconic urban symbol of Filipino resourcefulness, flair, and sense of community. It is literally and figuratively hailed as the King of the Road.

Leading the way in experiencing local culture with refinement and sophistication, the Hennessy King of the Road is a celebration of Manila’s urban lifestyle.

Recently, Hennessy hosted an event in collaboration with some of Manila’s top creatives in the food and art industry, and upcoming artists in the field of music. These were of course greatly appreciated by a dynamic crowd enjoying the best quality cognac.

As the guest of honor made his debut, entering the venue with its roaring engine, the Hennessy King of the Road whose sleek matte black exteriors and refined gold detail, wowed the crowd. The Hennessy jeepney was reflective of the emblematic heritage brand that Hennessy has built over the past 250 years, ultimately making its step in embracing local Philippine culture.

It was an amazing entrance! The crowd parted as the King of the road came and conquered the cheering crowd!


Top chefs JP Anglo of Kafé Batwan, and Jordy Navarra of the soon to open Toyo Eatery, curated the beautiful menu for their urban interpretation of the Filipinos’ favorite local cuisine.

Anglo and Navarra prepared their renditions of bar chow, or pulutan, best enjoyed with Hennessy Very Special. Lee Watson, of ABV, crafted special Hennessy cocktails to pair with each of the chef’s masterpieces. These three cocktails also took inspiration from unique Filipino food ingredients which are in line with the Hennessy King of the Road campaign of embracing local culture.

My favorite is their Habal-Habal, named after the “one-person jeepney”, was a drink that used black pepper infused Hennessy VS, coupled with bay leaf, honey, calamansi, and ginger beer, served in a highball glass. It’s super great with t

Live art by street artist Egg Fiasco, dubbed as Manila’s Nasty Egg, was also featured during the night. He is mostly known for his neo-graffiti types of murals that converge urban art with pop culture, folk arts, comic graphics, toys and tattoo culture. Fiasco unveiled his finished mural for the King of the Road, seeking to recreate Manila’s urban lifestyle, but of course with his own interpretation, harping on retro futuristic images and ambiguous characters.

Hosted by Radio DJ, Joyce Pring, the evening later took off with performances by Curtis Smith, CRWN, BP Valenzuela, Kidthrones and The Diegos.

Leading the way in experiencing urban Manila, the Hennessy King of the Road will take over urban hotspots throughout the metro. Follow the trail of the King of the Road by checking out Hennessy Philippines’ social media pages. Facebook page at facebook.com/HennessyPhilippines and follow them on twitter and Instagram @HennessyPH #HennessyKingofTheRoad



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