Hoard Box is Love

Why You Should Get One Right Now!


If you’re anything like me, you’ll love discounts, sales, and coupons to spas, restaurants, and shops. You also have this insane obsession with trinkets, household items (I’m a collector of cookie cutters), and body products. Like me, you also love comic books, fandom merchandise, and the geekiest things you can get your paws on.

What IS Hoard Box?

Familiar with Glam Box or Loot Crate? It’s similar to these. They’re these insane mystery boxes that promises you wonderful treats and delivers!  Think of a magazine but instead of pictures, Hoard Box will deliver the items itself right to your doorstep!

Each box has incredibly outstanding and valuable items inside. They ship them to customers monthly. It’s a beautiful care or gift package for yourself and for anyone!

When you get a Hoard Box, you receive more than Php1,500 worth of absolute pleasure, I mean goodies. The best part? You’ll only pay Php900 plus shipping for happiness in a box.  You can either buy a box whenever you want or subscribe for the next 3 or 6 months!

hoard box

They have two kinds of hoards: Fun and Life.


Fun Hoard is like a Geek Box. Calling out all my geeky readers! You will just love love LOVE this! Fun Hoard includes nothing but the coolest and geekiest stuff they can get their hands on: comic books, Funko Pop figures, box-exclusive merchandise, toys, action figures, gadgets, games, gags, discounts to recreational activities, shirts, candy and the list goes on and on.


The Life Hoard speaks to my other loves in life. You can find discounts to restaurants/spas/shops, food, kitchen equipment, body products, household items, scents, decors, lifestyle guides, trinkets, sweets, books, artworks, tickets to events and much more! They even put rare items from awesome local brands here!

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How do I purchase a box?

Visit their website, tinyurl.com/hoardbox and look for the order form link OR visit their Facebook page, facebook.com/hoardbox and click on “Shop Now”.

Fill out the order form accurately. Type “trialbox” in the promotional code to get your box at only Php900/month plus shipping no matter what plan you choose!

Note: prices on the form won’t change but the correct amount due will be sent to your email address.

Settle your order/s by April 18, 2016 via the payment option that you chose. Your Hoard Box will be delivered within the first 2 weeks of May!


Reward Hoard

Aside from the amazing contents, every time you buy a Hoard Box, you get a chance to win a Reward Hoard!

Post a picture or video of yourself opening the box on FB/twitter/Instagram and use the hashtag #funhoardapril2016 or #lifehoardapril2016 in order to get a chance to win the Reward Hoard worth Php5,000+!






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