Hotel XYZ in Tacloban City: Travel Review


Hotel XYZ tags itself as these three things: Classy, Clever, Changing. This modern hotel caters to the tastes of yuppies with its exquisite and modish interior.

I stayed here for TBEX Asia Pacific (which is hoested our lovely Philippines) Leyte Fam Trip. For 4 nights, this served as my home away from home.


Located in the middle of the city, the pier was just a few meters away, and a 24 hour convenience store just across the street. A few blocks away are cafes and historical sites so walking tours are pretty much great   here. It was also a short ride away from the airport so it wasn’t a great hassle to stay at Hotel XYZ.



hotel xyz2 bed

The room I got was a standard two bed room. While it was comfy, it felt lonely to only occupy one so I dunped most of my things in the other bed.

Each bed has 2 pillows and a really comfortable comforter. The TV wasn’t placed ideally, in the middle of the two beds, but you can still comfortably watch it on whatever bed you’re using.

Outlets: Per outlet set can take up to 3 connections. The room I had 2 outlet sets in the room, one located near the bedside table and another located at the work desk. Inside the bathroom, they also had another outlet set for hair dryers, electric shavers, and for charging anything, really.


img_5990 img_5991 img_5994

The bathroom was big enough with a huge mirror. They had 2 sets of shower heads that you can use, one fixed, and another that isn’t. No bidet, though, so bleh for me. The layout of the bathroom felt natural and roomy. The water pressure is good and the water heated really quickly. They had a line that you can use to hang your wet things to dry in there, too. Bt they had a lot of towels to use. I even took one out for out beach day, but I returned it of course!



I like their service. The people were polite, greeting me whenever I passed them. Calling the concierge was a breeze, too. My calls were answered in speed and concisely. Upon checking out, I had them keep my bags in the lobby so I can roam around.

Every time I come back in my room after a day of tour, I find it spotlessly clean. And my stuff are untouched! I really appreciate that. They were so conscious of that they didn’t even move my half full bottle of Gatorade, but made sure to wipe the water around it.



Hair dryer is a yes! Shampoo, conditioner, body wash was also available. There weren’t any vanity kits that had cotton and cotton  buds but dental kits and lotion was present. Two complimentary water bottles also came with the room as well as coffee and tea. Plus a mini-fridge that contained a few in-room items you can buy for a premium price. Don;t though. There’s a 24 Hour Convenience store just across with the price half of whatever they sell.



Very beautifully decorated. Since I came in when the Christmas decorations were up, I felt really amazed. I loved their decor. Real branches and so many fairy lights. Hanging on the branches were a multitude of pretty Christmas balls and other decorations. It extended from the lobby to the restaurant so it looked consistent and on point. I’d love to give the designer a bug Congratulations for a job amazingly done!



The pool of Hotel XYZ looked so inviting, especially at night with the beautiful color changing underwater lights. I would’ve used the pool if I weren’t so self conscious at all the people at the bar. It felt weird to swim alone while other people are having their night caps and having drinks and can openly look at you.

Work Stations

Available were two Macs that you can freely use. It didn’t look used at all ohwever, I think not a lot of people know of this service. I am not a super big fan of Mac so I didn’t try, plus I had my laptop with me then so I opted to use my personal device instead. Hotel XYZ has a photocopy machine that you can use as well.


With Tacloban’s Fibre and LTE enabled city, the wifi at the hotel sped up really nicely. It felt strong in all the hotel’s areas. Lobby, restaurant, room, it had great internet.




Breakfast consisted of a lot of favorite Filipino dishes as well as popular western food. The had a station that cooked eggs and pancakes. Yey! Plus, I enjoyed their waffle station where you can cook your own waffle. Their coffee tasted great, too. There were staple food for breakfast like the bacon, rice, dimsum, etc. They also mixed it up by serving different dishes per day

The bar upstairs was super cool. The prices of the alcohol and food were competitive to a normal restaurant. But the food, is absolutely to die for. We got to try some of their dishes during our farewell dinner and I was not disappointed with any of them. You can check out the review dedicated to their restaurant in this post.

I didn’t get a chance to order the room service but it wasn;t so expensive. If I remember correcty, the most expensive item on the menu cost around Php300.



The air condition placement felt super wrong. It didn’t fit the space that was supposed to be allocated for it. Because of that, the closet door, which was beside it, wouldn’t open full. Since the closet couldn’t open fully, their drawers were basically useless. I couldn’t get the drawers pulled enough to actually use it. But it did have the hair dryer in it and it opened just enough for me to get it out.


Prices are subject to change depending on the season and availability of rooms. Click here for a daily updated price of the specific rooms!



Overall of Hotel XYZ

hotel xyz

My stay overall was pleasant and had no trouble. I even had a chance to go out and explore a bit of the city. I loved that it was a relatively busy part of the city. People watching relaxes me. There are a lot of other options around the area, but I find Hotel XYZ a great one!


Have you had a similar experience with Hotel XYZ?


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