How Accessories Make Your Outfit: Fashion 101

How Accessories Make Your Outfit: Fashion 101

Photo by Hiraya Mondragon and Styling by Raisa

Everyone has heard that you need to have these basic items to be fashionable. White tee, jeans, heels, etc etc. But what really makes or breaks the outfit are the accessories you use. Create so many outfits using just the basics AND then adding a flair here and there. You can even express different styles depending on the combination of accessories you pair with each other.

Proof of Accessories Changing Outfits

Don’t believe me? Here are four photos from Pinterest when I searched “white shirt and jeans”.

proof of accessories

Notice how all four women are wearing white shirt and jeans, but the style and feel of each photo can’t be further from the others.  The first looks more carefree; the second a little more corporate; the third can’t be any more casual; and the last a bit edgy. These are technically 4 different outfits. But the base is the simplest one there is. Jeans and a white shirt.

Hair and Make Up Counts

Although you won’t hear it a lot, your hairstyle and how you do your face are part of the outfit. Messy buns are always a casual wear while ponytails can sometimes look sophisticated. Tight curls are a definite formal but loose waves say beach. Red lips say bold, while pink lips say young. Smokey eyes whisper smolder and bright eyes shout fresh. Little details like these help solidify the next slaying outfit you will wear.

Accessory “Must Haves”

Now, if you’re a beginner and need a bit of help. I consider these my basics:

Plain scarf in a color of your choice. Fringe or no-fringe? That’s your call, but personally love the no-fringe scarves.

Gold Necklace. Doesn’t even have to be real!

Stud earrings. Silver and plain or pearls will get you rolling.

Cap. A black one will do. Add in a bit of a statement and it looks cute already.

Classic Watch. Leather or silver straps are classy.

Trendy Shades. Totally depends on your face shape.

Purse. Recommending black, brown, white, or nude to go with everything!

Small Backpack. For the casual and cute wear.

White Sneakers. Trendy and versatile.

Advanced Accessories

Hat. Congratulations! A level up from the cap.

Statement Necklaces. Time to get the oomph out of your outfit

Leather Clutch. The most stylish way to bring everything you need.

Heeled Boots. Looks sophisticated and cute at the same time.

Dangling Earrings. Show off those ears and keep their eyes on your face

Everything else you want. Because you know you can pull it off.

You don’t even have to own a lot of accessories. Mixing and matching is definitely the top way to create more outfits. Armed with your new knowledge of accessorizing, go forth and wear your next perfect OOTD. Enjoy!

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