How to Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season

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So you want to learn how to not gain weight this holiday season. Last Christmas (I gave you my heart) I tried to not gain weight. I followed a few rules I set for myself, and guess what? After a set rules, and trying really hard to follow it, I had succeeded in it! Yeyyy! This time, I’m pretty confident in sharing my rules and advice so you, too, can not gain weight this Holiday Season. Or maybe, even lose weight!

 Here are the rules I followed last year to not gain weight:

Drink Water Before Meals

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Fill up your belly before meal by drinking two glasses of water before taking a bite. Not only is that a good way to lower your appetite, lots of water helps with better skin, hair, and overall health.


Say No to This

There are a lot of offers that will come. From second servings to a whopping heavy meal. Please say no. No to second servings, no to extra fries, no to extra pizza. A lot of people think this is hard, but after a while, you get used to having a strong will. Instead of pizza and fries, eat nuts and a few crackers. You get full and have that chewing mouth motion you crave and that crunch in the mouth feeling with less unhealthy food.


No to Fried

Faced with the decision of fried or something else, most probably choose the something else. Fried food contains a lot of calories that you can avoid. Take for example chicken. Faced with fried chicken versus barbequed, baked, or roasted, never choose the fried one.


More Water

Don’t forget to drink water during your meals, too. It fills you up faster and helps with better digestion. If you don’t like tasteless water (I know some people don’t) add a slice of lemon in a pitcher or glass of water for that sweet citrus flavor. No to iced tea (except if its brewed, cooled, and devoid of sugar) because it’s a silent enemy. Which brings me to my next point:


Flavored Drinks are the Enemy

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If you could, just drink water. Most flavored drinks have sugar, which equals more unwanted calories you don’t notice. I’ve started drinking my coffee black and substituting soda with tea. You can have iced tea without sugar by brewing real tea leaves in hot water, cooling it, then serving it ice cold. It takes work, but you get a slimmer waist so I’d rather do that. I know we are all trying to get our planners from THE coffee shops of our preference. Coffee lattes, frappucinos, and all that aren’t good for the diet and the thighs. Of course, most established coffee shops offer No Sugar Added options in their drinks. Try to get that instead for less calories. Don’t get whipped cream either.


Serve the Good Stuff

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Do your part, especially since most probably, you will have guests like you who wish to watch their weight this holiday season. Serve vegetables and low calorie options for your guests. I’ve recently held a party and served healthy tomato salsa with nachos instead of cheesy beef ones. I also served veggies with low fat sour cream dip instead of just chips. And you know what? It was a big big BIG hit. I had to refill several times because it kept running out.


One Dessert Per Meal

If you could have no desserts, that would be better, Remember, desserts are a luxury, not a need. Plus desserts have the most calories in a meal! Of course, try having healthier desserts like fruits instead.




Since we find rice in all our meals being Filipino (it being a staple food and everything) we tend to binge eat on it. But rice has so much sugar that, if you don’t burn it, only turns to fat pretty quickly.



Even if it’s only a 20 minute jog or 100 crunches. Every little bit helps. That 100 calorie workout you did already shed off that beer you had last night.

The challenge is hard, but if that’s what it takes to have a healthier body, I’ll take it!

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  • Marge Gavan
    Posted January 7, 2017 10:13 am 0Likes

    The only thing that I can follow here is the exercise. I have zero discipline when it comes to food, I love it a lot. I know I look small but food is something that I can resist especially when it’s the holiday season.

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