Jack’s Joint QC Review


Jack’s Joint really doesn’t sound like a Persian food place, but right now, it definitely tops my chart as one of the best that carries insanely delicious and affordable kebabs.

The place is kind of small. Perfect for an intimate inuman session with your buds! And they serve all their beer below zero! Kebab and beer heaven!

They have a pretty nice selection of Persian food, burgers, pizzas, and beverages. I got to try their Hummus, Chicken Kebab, Beef Kebab, Lumahcun, and Strawberry Shake.


Their hummus is great! Unlike a lot of Persian food places where their pitas are just hot. This place makes it nice and crispy and just addicting to eat. The hummus was also smokey and had just the right spices. The soft texture of the hummus is just absolutely perfect with the crispy pita.


Lumahcun (promounced as LumahJoon) with cheese is Persia’s take on pizza. Instead of a doughy base, they used the pita, so it’s really similar to those thin crust pizzas with their tomato sauce, ground beef, and oozing cheese. What differentiates this marvelous piece of art from a normal pizza is that it’s topped with fresh vegetables after it’s baked. This incredible freshness kind of dispels the greasiness you get from normal pizza and makes it really refreshing. This is my favorite dish of all.


Their kebabs, chicken and beef, are amazingly tender and spice-y. What’s extra awesome about this is that you can really taste the herbs and spices they used and it blends perfectly with their meat. It was a wonderful surprise that the chicken was tender. Most places make it a bit tough, but Jack’s Joint really cooked it wonderfully.

The yogurt and hot sauce combo is good, too. Though their hot sauce is a bit too watery in texture for me, but retained its super hot flavor.


On a sweeter note, their strawberry shake has yogurt in it and is really good. It’s a teeny tiny bit too sweet for me, but the flavor is still marvelous.

Best thing! They have a promo this month of UnliBabs! That’s unli chicken and Beef Kebab for as low as 249++!



Jack’s Joint is located at 115-D Panay Avenue, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City and you can check out their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/jacksjointqc

They are open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am  and closes M-Th at 12am and F-S at 3am




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