KFit: Raves and More Ravings


I’ve recently started working out. One day, my sister messaged me to try out KFit. I did, and I was instantly in love with it. If you’re into getting healthy, fit, and great deals, I totally recommend kFit. What’s kFit anyway, bruh?

KFit is basically an app that lets you schedule different workouts, lessons, gym use in different places. Aside from scheduling, kFit pays for those lessons and workouts!

The catch? You have to pay the app a fixed monthly fee. The great thing about kFit, aside from its scheduling prowess, is its amazing price. For a month, it charges you only Php999. If you think that’s steep, a normal yoga class costs about Php650 per session and unlimited. Of course, they offer a free account, or a “Basic Access” account which gets you one free lesson per month. The paid account or the “Premium Access” account gets you UNLIMITED lessons (but not in one establishment).

With kFit you can enjoy up to a certain number of lessons in one partner establishment. And they have a looot of establishments. Last I checked, there were more than 200 partners of kFit, just waiting for you to try! Just taking advantage of 2 lessons in one establishment already is such a super great deal! I really really love it. Like L.O.V.E.

Your first month is only half off at Php499, but for an additional Php200 off, use my kFit code.


We both get a Php200 credit! It’s great for both of us! Really. Try it out! Even without using my code. I really want to share the luuurve.

This is perfect especially if you’re like me who gets bored doing just one kind of workout. It lets me widen my horizon and lets me try out different places and stuff. I’ve gone to a few places around QC and I think I’ll expand my reach to Makati and Ortigas and the like. I don’t think I can go as far as Alabang, though.

I actually discovered Sagittarium Archery Range through this! I’m also taking advantage of its yoga, boxing, and a bunch of other activities aside from the gym use. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Get this app. I totally recommend it.


I love its UI, too. It’s super simple, understandable, and intuitive (as UIs should be). I have a few tweaks I’d like to see here and there, ‘course. But as it is, it’s pretty great.




This isn’t a paid advertisement. I just really recommend it.

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