Kitchen for Boe: Foodie Review

In the time of quarantines, we’re mostly stuck at home. What saves us from ourselves is the fact we can have food delivered. Pastries and baked goods are just booming left and right. But there is one that stood out to me.

Kitchen for Boe

Kitchen for Boe is a small home shop ran by Mommy Chelle. The store’s name came after the owner’s daughter. It’s named after her because when she was growing up, she was a picky eater and Chelle had to make everything up to Boe’s standards. Isn’t that adorable?

The plan was to sell these only on special occasions but since the pandemic, Chelle’s had more time to experiment and tweak the recipe. It certainly paid off! Everything is so yummy!

Best Sellers

Kitchen for Boe Loaf Cake (Php 160)

Their loaf cake comes in two flavors: Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake and Carrot Loaf Cake. Both are super duper gooood.

Kitchen for Boe’s loaf cake absolutely perfect with tea. English Breakfast, the tea, is the flavor profile I’d suggest to go with this. Flavorful and dense, a slice or two can definitely fill you up during merienda.

Everyone knows I’m a chocolate cake girl (check my About Page, it’s there 😛) But I recommend the Carrot Loaf Cake. GASP! Who am I? But really! It’s the perfect sweetness. And the contrast of the walnuts against the soft dense cake really elevates this pastry to a higher level.

Mango Graham Cake (Php 150)

My favorite of their items would definitely be their Mango Graham Cake. Or as everyone knows it: mango float! For those of you who don’t know what that is (are you living under a rock?) it’s a no-bake dessert made up of graham crackers, cream, and mangoes. Trust me, it’s super good.

What’s different with their mango float, unlike many in the market, is that it doesn’t have that icky sweet flavor profile. The tangy-ness of the mango really shines through and prevents that umay factor.

Snow Cakes (Php200/Php750/Php1,300)

The Snow Cake came about because Chelle wanted a cake that’s satisfying, yet not too sweet. The white frosting, being reminiscent of snow, became its name. The cake comes in 3 sizes: 4″ at Php200, 6″ at Php750, and 8″ with 3 layers of goodness at Php1,300.

A bit of comment on their, cake, though delicious and very very pretty, I personally would love it to be a bit fluffier. But, that’s just me. My mom absolutely adores their texture. To each his own, I guess.

Apparently, many of Kitchen for Boe’s clients asks Chelle “Sarap nito, hindi ka ba lugi sa presyo?” Translation: This is delicious, aren’t you pricing it too low? And Chelle says no. Because she wants everyone to experience good food.

Sarap nito, hindi ka ba lugi sa presyo?

Kitchen for Boe’s Clients to Mommy Chelle


I have nothing but high praises for Kitchen for Boe. Not only is their backstory incredible personal, the vision of keeping costs low for everyone really tugs on my heartstrings.

The price point for their goodies is very, very, very much sulit for the amount. If you’re going to order anything from them, I would totally recommend their Mango Graham Cake and Carrot Loaf Cake!

You can order via their Facebook or Instagram.

Happy eating!

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