Korean J Grill: Foodie Review


One day, I craved kimchi and korean food so badly. I think it was a stressful day and I wanted some Asian comfort food. I drove around Tomas Morato and found a lot of Korean restaurants, sadly none of those have parking available. Lo and behold! Korean J Grill was there with a miraculous parking spot waiting. It wasn’t exactly in front of the restaurant, but it was close enough and that’s good enough for me!

And that children, is how I met Korean J Grill.



Very pretty would be how I’d describe it. The fairy lights, the paintings, even the lighting felt dainty. I would see this kind of aesthetic in a cafe. Weirdly, the Korean J Grill totally rocked this aesthetic. I know! Boggles my mind, too!



I liked the service here. It wasn’t stuffy, and the servers were polite. They even ask if you want to grill your own meat or if they should grill it for you. We asked for extra spice and extra servings for all the side dishes and it came pretty quickly. Since the restaurant is small, they get around and see your needs. Although my glass of water doesn’t get refilled often, they placed a pitcher of water on the table so I can do it myself.



Side Dishes


They served us with 6 different kinds of side dishes. Kimchi, of course, included. Apart from that, they served sweetened button potatoes, preserved radish, seaweed and carrots, and pickled cucumber. And not pictured: Korean miso soup. Their kimchi is super good! Ya’ll should try it! You can buy it in bulk, I was so tempted!


Nakji Samgeoupsal Gui (Php 700)


It’s basically ssamgyupsal with octopus in spicy sauce. You can put the pork and octopus in leafy veggies just like you do in ssamgyupsal! And you know what?

This was amazing! I never expected that this dish would be so awesome. For real, I just adore the texture of the octopus! I can’t help munching on them. Danger! This dish is super super spicy! I think I finished 3 pitchers of water in one sitting because of how spicy it is!




I love it here! Except for the cash only option, I felt pleasantly surprised about everything! Especially the Nakji Samgeiupsal Gui. The whole serving cost exactly Php1000. No hidden charges! Love it! Would definitely come back again soon!


Open Daily | 11am-4am
+63 9179258880 | +63 9276311954
Unit A-1, 186 Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Cash Only

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