Loafing Around with Kitchen for Boe: Loaf Cake Review

Loafing Around with Kitchen for Boe: Loaf Cake Review

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It’s Loaf cake time!!! I’ve reviewed a few of Kitchen for Boe’s products previously. You can check them out here: Kitchen for Boe: Foodie Review.

From the last review, I talked about Kitchen for Boe’s origins and I think it’s a good read to really delve into the story behind the shop. It’s a heart-warming story and I adore that they really put a lot of love and thought into their products.

Loaf Cakes

They come in this beautiful red packaging. It catches the viewer’s eye and looks amazing in photos. Each loaf is this rectangular cake. It’s perfect for tea time or desserts. Personally, I finished them all off during my tea-breaks in between works. They’re a treat that I look forward to daily. Kind of like a reward for working so hard!

7 Flavors of the Loaf Cakes


Carrot Walnut Loaf Cake

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this flavor. The walnut really adds texture and another taste. I think it elevates the whole loaf to another level! The texture of the carrot walnut loaf is very moist and heavy. A slice filled me up but I just couldn’t stop eating it. This might be my diet’s downfall.

It’s not too sweet, which makes this flavor fairly addicting. My ultimate fave from Kitchen for Boe by a long shot! It’s perfectly chewy, gooey, with the right crunch.

Vanilla Loaf Cake

The vanilla loaf cake has this super luxurious after-taste. It fills your mouth with a full yet light flavor. I would prefer it to be fluffier or heavier as it’s sitting in between textures. But if I had to choose one, I’d love it to be even lighter and kind of melt in your mouth. It would go very well with the elegant after taste of vanilla.

Green Lemon Loaf Cake

I thought at first that this was green tea or matcha flavor, but I was so wrong. This loaf’s taste is very lemon-y. You can even say that it’s zingy. My fiance loved it as it is, but as a sour head, I want it more citrusy. For sour heads like me, it’s best paired with orange juice or lemonade to really bring out the citrusy taste.

Strawberry Loaf Cake

I shared the loaves with everyone in the household, of course. The strawberry’s red color creates a beautiful aesthetic and makes it look sooooo appetizing. I think it tastes like flavored strawberry, not necessarily the real strawberry. Which is a fave for many because some people find that the real strawberry taste to be too tangy for them. I, on the otherhand love a tangy taste so I’d prefer a real strawberry more.

Blueberry Loaf Cake

The blueberry loaf cake came with REAL blueberries! I would like more blueberry, but I’m worried that if they put too much, it might take away the cake texture or the cake base flavor. It tastes similar to the vanilla loaf cake, but most likely because it’s made with a vanilla sponge base. Because of the vanilla sponge base, the luxurious after-taste is there, too.

Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake

Banana Chocolate Chip flavor has a pound cake-y texture. On the heavier side. Banana bread-ish consistency, I would say. Because it’s made with real bananas, you should expect it to be super moist. The loaf cake is HEAVY. I love the banana taste with the chocolate ship. It’s one of the flavor pairings that you can never go wrong with. Banana + Chocolate = DELICIOUS! Super duper yummy and I’m a huge fan of the heavier texture!

Chocolate Loaf Cake

Kitchen For Boe’s chocolate loaf cake is sooooo chocolatey. I’d love it to be more fudgy or have more nuts but people in the house just loved it as is. It’s reminiscent to brownies which is maybe why I thought that more nuts would go well with the loaf cake.


All their loaf cakes are priced, wait for it… At ONLY Php160!!! That’s so sulit! Delivery, of course, isn’t included, but come on. The price is super low as it is already.


They are all so good, but the carrot walnut cake takes the cake. *wink wink* By a long shot, this is the BEST flavor you can get. You can order from Kitchen for Boe from their Instagram or Facebook and have it delivered right to your doorstep. In this pandemic, online shops like Kitchen for Boe not only provide us with treats that we sorely deserve, but supports small local businesses!

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