Long Flight Ensemble


Black fitted jeggings, loose white low V necked cotton shirt, paired with black shoulder padded blazer and high cut maroon leather boots. Accessorized with pentagonal shaped sunnies, simple earrings, minimalist anchor and heart necklace, practical black watch, and hair is worn loose.

Whenever I travel far, the biggest thing to consider is comfort. That means, my outfit shouldn’t be restraining or overly scratchy in texture. It should be able to adapt to different temperatures and most of all, it MUST be aesthetic.


For me, anything more than 3 hours is already a long flight. Of course there are those cross continent flights that take more than half a day so I can’t really complain. I’ve never tried that. My longest flight was around 5 hours. BUT! I have ridden on an uncomfortable van for over 15 hours (Manila to Ilocos). Plus I travel pretty often so I know how it is to travl and be wearing super uncomfortable clothes. It may be comfortable the first 2 hours, but the remaining time is just hell if your outfit is pretty off.

The fitted black jeggings is perfect for travel because its perfectly comfortable and doesn’t restrain because of its flexible material. It keeps me warm on really cool airports or buses or terminals, but the material isn’t too thick that I feel hot outdoors or in crowded areas.

I adore matching a simple blazer with toned down outfits. They give the ensemble a bit more oomph. Instead of a jacket that looks too casual (when wearing something as toned down as I am), the blazer makes it a bit more polished and chic. Its easy to take off when its getting too hot, and keeps you perfect when it isnt.


Boots are my favorite because of how fluid it is to different outfits. It really makes it edgier. Super practical, too! Plus the boots I’m wearing has a zipper on the side so taking them if (in case an airport personnel wants me to go through a scanner without them) is a cinch!

I’ll be making a post about my Tips on What to Wear When Travelling pretty soon so watch out for that!


Like my outfit? Hate it? I’d love to know what you think so share your thoughts on the comments section below!



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