Lucky Dishes: Oriental Palace, Tomas Morato


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And because of our strong Chinese influence, that means we celebrate that, too! Something that both cultures do the same is eat as a family. And guess whaaaat! There’s a gem of a Chinese place in Tomas Morato. It’s called Oriental Palace and it opened there around a year ago.


Oriental Palace is a family owned, family ran restaurant. Oriental Palace is so much of a family business that the patriarch of the family still goes to the market every morning (“7:30am every morning” his daughter quipped) to buy ingredients of the day for  the restaurant. This started way back in 1978 at Escolta Manila. Today, it’s become this beautiful fine dining Chinese Banquet Hall. Oriental Palace is not just a banquet hall, they also accommodates walk-ins for ala carte ordering and shabu-shabu, too.  I got to try it out courtesy of Hennessy.


This year, the restaurant is offering Lucky Dish Sets by Feng Shui Expert Johnson Chua for the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016 which are Abudance Set, Prosperity Set, and Good Fortune Set.

They served us their Good Fortune Set and it was just amazing. They say it’s good for 12 people, but we were 15 people and didn’t finish all the dishes and were just soooo full. I wanted to eat more, but my tummy couldn’t fit any more food if I tried.



Here are the dishes served and my review per dish!

Steamed Live Rock Lobster with Garlic

IMG_6323The lobster was beautifully cooked and I adore how the garlic went with the sea food taste of the lobster. Imagine the usual shrimp with garlic, good right?  Now make the flavor of the shrimp meatier, fuller, and more umami. That’s this dish.


Whole Suckling Pig


This is the best dish ever. If you;ve ever had a normal roast pig from a Chinese restaurant, you would know that its very flavorful but sometimes too overpowering. This one isn’t. The taste is just right and the skin is un-be-lieavbly crispy. Better than all the lechon I have ever tasted. This is my absolute favorite dish in this set.



Whole Sea Cucumber with Australian Abalone


It has this jelly-like consistency and it really absorbed the flavor of its stew.


Roast Pigeon


I like this because it’s gamey like duck, and I love duck. But because of the smaller form of pigeons, its less tender and more difficult to eat. I’d prefer it if the skin was crispier.


Two Kinds of Pastry


The bun itself was delicious and very reminiscent of Tim Ho Wan’s buns. I do think that the filling is a smidge too sweet.


Whole Dried Scallop with Sea Moss


I found the dried scallops not to my liking, texture-wise. The sea moss is gorgeous. I tastes like really fine seafood infused noodles and I love love love it. The broccoli is a great contrast from all the sea taste going on.


Steamed Crab with Sticky Rice


There was too much sticky rice but the texture of the rice is great with the silkiness of the crab.


Sharksfin Soup with Braised Chicken and Vegetables


Very light and subtle in flavor. With all the powerful tasting dishes that they served, this served as a break or as a palette cleanser for a renewed vigor in eating.


Oriental Palace can hold up to 700 guests (600 on the first floor and another 100 on the second) and they allow customization of their menus. They are proud that their chefs are also amazing in Japanese, Filipino, and of course Chinese cuisines.


Oriental Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


148 Tomas Morato Ave, cor. Sct Gandia St., cor Sct de Guia, Bgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

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