Mabuhay Maritime Express: Connecting Kalibo to Boracay Hassle Free

Mabuhay Maritime Express revolutionizes the way we travel to Boracay Island. In the past, the most convenient way is to the island is to fly to Caticlan airport then ride an open boat to Boracay’s jetty port. However, that option totally erases the beautiful Kalibo as part of the tour.

Mabuhay Maritime Express connects Kalibo and Boracay in a direct transfer via sea vessels. An exciting time especially since Boracay has been reopened again.


Shorter travel time

It takes only 2 and a half hours – 3, including ticket buying and boarding, from Kalibo to Boracay.

Hassle Free

No more trudging from the airport with your bulky luggage to get a trike to get to the van terminal, then waiting or the van to fill up, then a grueling 3 hour ride, then unloading all your stuff to buy tickets for the boat ride, then having strangers lift your bags to the open boat, watching your bags get wet from the sea spray, only to disembark and carry your luggage off the boat and cross the tiny plank to get off. Phew! That sentence was almost as long and winding as the experience.

Mabuhay Maritime Express offers a direct transfer to the vessel from the airport. No more waiting in the terminal, just an easy trip from Kalibo airport to the pristine island of Boracay

IG Worthy

The vessels themselves were a thing of beauty. Equipped with plush seats and classy interiors, the whole place is like an Instagrammer’s heaven. It even has a bar lounge outdoors where you can have a drink and watch the ocean as you’re passing by.


Plush comfortable seats, Mabuhay Maritime Express won’t let you suffer like sardines in a can stuffed with your luggage. They make sure that there is ample space to relax and have a comfortable travel. Those seated in the Premium and First Class even has a charging port for your power needs. Each ship also has clean bathrooms for your convenience. Plus, a built-in bar to start the party before even unloading at Boracay!

Inclusive of Food

As with PAL’s service integrated with Mabuhay Maritime Express, the trip includes a full bodied snack. Sandwich, dried fruits, bottled water, fruit, and a few candies to finish it off. To think that this trip lasts 2 hours, the food they provide is more than enough. Super amazing after a stuffy flight to start the unwinding.

Outdoor Bar

This is my favorite place here. The view, the wind, and the drinks. You can start the party even before setting foot on the island. The fun starts early in Mabuhay Maritime Express!

Boost for Kalibo

A goal of Mabuhay Maritime Express is to increase to boost the economy of Kalibo. Their service enables more tourists to explore Kalibonot only as a cheaper way to get to Boracay it as a tourist destination. It can serve as a stop-over. In my personal experience as someone wit a distant relative in Aklan, tourists do miss out on some of the best restaurants and experiences wen going directly to Boracay from Kalibo. The more comfortable travel option encourages fellow tourists to discover more of Kalibos charms.



A trike to the van would cost you around Php30, then the van would be priced from Php200 to 300, plus the boat that costs Php50. All in all, your trip would cost around Php500.

On the other hand, Mabuhay Maritime Express offers their Regular, Premium, and First Class at Php1,500, Php2,000, and Php2,500 respectively. A heftier price by a mile.


To start, the vessels would travel 4 times a day then gradually increase the number of trips depending on the demand. Mabuhay Maritime Express have yet to disclose the start of their operations but promises that it would be soon.


Worth it.

The price is a lot higher than travelling through van. But remember what you are purchasing is not only a transport. You are getting comfort, speed, food, and convenience. I love the fact that it gives everyone a new  way to enjoy Kalibo longer for less hassle. Plus they make sure to include the locals and create more jobs. More than 80% of their staff would be a local.

When operations start, you can book through their website,, or through various PAL partners like travel agencies, ticketing booths, etc.

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