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Loose yellow long sleeved crop top, black, double breasted high waist shorts, brown Loti shoes. Paired with nude make up and a single silver pendant necklace.


I wore this yellow crop top at the behest of my younger sister. You see, there was an unspoken rule in our house of three sisters. We can wear every clothing there is in the closet, only if the person who bought it, or who owns it has worn it at least once. Since my sister wants to wear the yellow top, I had to wear it first because that is the order of things.

A little shout out to where I bought this top: High Five Brands! My sister so badly wants to wear this as soon as she could!

It was a really nice coincidence that my outfit and hair matches the song “Magasin” by Eraserheads which was why I had titled this post as Magasin.

Nakita kita sa isang magasin.

Dilaw ang ‘yong suot at

Buhok mo’y green.


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