Maria’s Mural Creation


Still in its soft opening, Maria’s is a 24 hour restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and afters! Its grand opening will be this Feb 10,2016! I am proud to say that their wall mural is a project of ours; me and my sisters’.

It was a bit difficult to conceptualize the look of the mural because we were unsure of what the restaurant should feel like. It should be different, for sure. But should it be classy? Artsy? Feminine? Masculine? A lot of our time was spent in actually creating the concept and look of Maria’s wall.

Our initial proposals and drafts were a galaxy far far away from what we had finally landed on. From a messily Mondrian look, we have achieved a design which was simple, elegant, yet still eye catching. The clean dark look is a great contrast to the beautifully bright logo in the center.

marias-5.3 (1)

E-_marias-5 (1)

Our crisp lines complement the architecture of the place beautifully. By adding metallic shelves integrated to the actual design gives a wonderful function to our form.

When we had finalized the design, I knew that the most difficult part in making this mural would be the painting of the logo. The logo was huge, and although using simple shapes, getting the correct proportions would be a bit troublesome.

What to do now? Being on a tight schedule, we can’t give all of our time just making sure the logo was on point. So, what we did was we projected a huge logo on the wall for our reference.



It was Great with a capital G. That technique saved us lots of time and unnecessary effort. I loved how precise it looks because of this technique, too. Using the projector also helped a lot with the sizing of the mural properly. We were able to show our client and he got to actually direct how big the logo will be. Both parties are pretty happy with this!



As soon as we received a go signal from the client, we started making the mural as soon as we could. Projecting the mural design on the actual wall, it took off probably 50% of the time we would have spent manually making sure the logo had the proper proportions and placement.

Even though it was faster with this technique, it still took us a few days to layout the wall. Man! You know how some things are really tiring, but you only notice you’re tired after you’ve finished your work? It was the same for me for that project. I really really really loved working on it even if it was tiring, dusty, and hot.

To get nice precise lines, we used masking tape to set the lines for it. Then we would just paint over the lines and remove the tape afterwards. That way, we are left with this beautifully executed straight line.

marias mural-93

Well, we used that technique on the logo, too. But since there weren’t much straight lines as there were curves, it took so so sooo much more time. After the layout, we overlaid the logo with tape, then cut it with a precision knife so the tape that remained would only cover the part that needed painting at a time. We had to do this technique on the logo multiple times because of its multiple colors. And it was well worth it!

All the while, we had set up a camera and took photos every now and then to record our progress. And then TADA! Here it is!!



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