Mediocre Monster


You know how in RPGs, you encounter random weak monsters while walking? And if you manage to defeat them, you get exp and loot? Like when you’re grinding before a big boss battle you try to encounter as much of them as possible? There is this awesome game that lets you play as that guy.

It’s still in Kickstarter and the projected time of delivery is April 2017. Mediocre Monster be a Steam game and if you give a little bit more, you get awesome stuff like the soundtrack, digital art books & comics, shirts, etc.

The developer is Opal Squad. The team is made up of Gino, Jeric and Rock. Friends since high school, their favorite games are Chrono Trigger, Suikoden II, and Final Fantasy VI/VII/VIII.

Since high school, they’ve dreamed about making games they wished existed. One of those is a game that explores how common, exp-giving, grind helpful monsters in RPG have better purpose of being. It was inspired by their experience in playing the wonderful RPG games in their youth.



Mediocre Monster puts you in the role of Gob, a goblin who works as a random monster in RPG video games. Experience Gob’s everyday adventures as he puts in the work as a random monster while trying to save his town.


  • Work as an RPG monster: Follow RPG standards such as attacking taunters and reacting to critical hits.
  • Improve your Monster: Learn tricks of the trade as you progress. Improve yourself with new skills, items, and palette swaps!
  • Meet Different Hero Parties: Face different hero parties as you progress as an RPG monster. You can eventually see someone familiar!
  • Town Improvement: Help the town improve by spending your hard earned salary on town infrastructure improvements and new buildings.


The estimated game play time is 10 hours. If they exceed their funding goal, then the excess amount will definitely be for improving the game further and extending gameplay time and replayability will be part of the considerations.

You can check out their Kickstarter page here! There’s only a few more days before the end of their kickstarter. Be sure to fund them before the slots run out!

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