Minnie Mouse Princess Inspired



Colorful bell skirt, white lace fringed button down crop top, brown comfortable boots, and  grey backpack.

Accessorized with golden fern earrings, black velvet choker with blue pendant, and gold studded Mickey Mouse ears.


This was partly inspired by Little Mermaid’s dress when she became human. The one she wore when she and Eric went to town to go on a date.

This ensemble must be comfortable, easy to move in, Princess-y outfit I could lug to Hong Kong. I couldn’t bring a full gown (although I really thought about it) mainly because of the weight. They did say travelling light was the key. It was a challenge, but i’m glad it pulled through nicely.

But being the Disney lover that I am, I can’t help but buy and wear this cute little golden Minnie Mouse ears. I guess it’s Minnie’s ears because of the bow in the middle. I was actually torn between buying a golden one with the bow or the blue one with the tiara.

This outfit was so cute that there were instances that children and parents come up to me and ask to take my photo with their kids. My Disney princess dream has come true!

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