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Mountain Lake Resort is famous for its crawling huge golf course. But what a lot of people come here for are the explosion of group activties for all ages.


In Laguna, there is a 200 year old man-made lake there. Over the years, it grew and expanded naturally until it became this massive body of water. Mountain Lake Resort is after the Barangay of Lumban and even after Caliraya Lake Resort. Entry to the massive place is exclusive for guests, overnight or day trip.


How to Get There

The best way to get to Mountain Lake Resort is via your own private vehicle. You can opt to rent your van or use your own car. Mountain Lake Resort sometimes offer the option of a round trip transportation, too!

From Metro Manila, take any bus that goes to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Alight at Pagsawitan, Pagsanjan terminal in Laguna. From there, make your way to Sta Cruz station via jeep or tricycle. The route of the jeep would pass by Pagsanjan and Lumban, up to Caliraya Lake. Alight at the entrance of Mountain Lake Resort. You may wait for the resort’s shuttle to pick you up from there. The entrance is a long way away from the Clubhouse so better wait for the shuttle to pick you up.


How to Get Around

Getting around the resort is easy even if the area is unbelievably freaking huge. Free shuttles travel from the Clubhouse to the Lake House. Just inform the staff that you’d want to avail the shuttle! You can also use their bikes to explore the area. To go around the golf course, golf carts await you inclusive of your very own driver/caddie.




Amihan Room


We got an Amihan room, It’s a fan room, but very airy and comfortable. Each has at least 12 outlets for use for charging. The Amihan rooms can host multiple numbers of groups of people. They have a large one that caters to 10 people and above, and a few that can hold up to 6 people per room.


All the rooms of the Amihan and glamping sites share bathrooms. Separated by sex, with multiple stalls for the showers and toilets. The bathroom is tiled and some showers are equipped with heaters. It gets pretty muddy when it’s rainy, but otherwise okay. They even have a couple of mirrors there for your use. The stalls are large and comfortable. Add in the installed stainless shelf for your toiletries and clothes, showering in the bathroom is pretty comfortable.


The Residences

The rooms in The Residences are connected directly to the Clubhouse. They also have access to the Clubhouse’s sauna, locker, and jacuzzi.

Standard Room


Good for 1-2 people, the standard room has 2 single beds. Equipped with a private bathroom, this comfortable room also has its own mini fridge, hair dryer, TV, DVD player, safe, and electronic kettle. Of course, normal hotel amenities like soap, shampoo and dental kits are provided with the room.

Deluxe Room


Great for 2-3 people, the deluxe room has 1 queen sized bed and a single bed. Similar with the standard room, it’s equipped with a private bathroom, this comfortable room also has its own mini fridge, hair dryer, TV, DVD player, safe, and electronic kettle.

Other Rooms


In The Residences, You can also book their Superior Room (Triple Sharing) and their Family Room (Quad Sharing). Both these rooms have the same amenities as the standard and deluxe rooms.

Other available rooms include a Boat Houses. An absolutely unique way of staying in Mountain Lake Resort. You get to say in FLOATING houses! Yep yep! As in, on the water floating house. Especially relevant, they even added air conditioning, TV & DVD, open air shower, and a mini fridge.

If you are more of the luxurious adventurer, be sure to book their Glamping Tents. Glamping, short for glamorous camping, tents have sleep mattresses, linens, fan, lights, and power outlets. It’s perfect for those who want to go camping but don’t want to rough it. Because they offer two kinds of glamping tents, the twin sharing and quad sharing tents, you can book for either a romantic getaway or bonding with family and friends!



Firstly, I don’t have any complaints on the food. It was good and the serving good enough for at least 2 people. Some of their specialites include pinakbet, sizzling sisig, bulalo, crispy pata, sinigang na dory, and dory in spicy soup. I recommend you getting their sisig, it’s unbelievably crispy and delicious. Also anything that has dory as their main ingredient. They breed their own dory so the dory they serve are caught fresh! The service, though, was slower than I would have liked. For such a huge place, and especially they cater to such big groups, maybe more servers are needed.

You can eat your meals either in the Clubhouse’s main dining hall or the Lake House Cafe near the zip line and swimming pools. The Clubhouse’s main dining room has this amazing view of the rolling greens and golf courses, but the Lake House Cafe has a lot of activities near it! Maybe choose where you’ll eat depending on your agenda of the day.

Spacious Clubhouse
Spacious Clubhouse


Some of my favorite activites to do here is to use the ATV, zip line, bike around the place, and go swimming. That’s not all you can do here, of course. Here’s a LOOOONG list of stuff to do in Mountain Lake Resort.

  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Swimming Pool
  • Lake Cruise
  • Jetski
  • Bike
  • Hike Trail
  • ATV
  • Duck Feeding
  • Glamping
  • Kayak
  • Paddle Boat
  • Swan Boat
  • Fishing
  • Sauna & Jacuzzi
  • Obstacle Course
  • Observatory
  • Horseback riding
  • Kalesa Riding
  • Bonfire


WiFi and Mobile Data

WiFi is available in the lobby and food places. It was kind of slow and unreliable and only up to 10 people can connect. Although you’re better off using your own mobile data, cellular signal here is also not so good. In the Amihan cottages, it was almost non-existent. Maybe try a few meters nearer the reception area for better signal.



You can check out their rates and book your stay here. It’s updated daily so no need to worry. For Team Building and Corporate Events you can contact them directly for special package rates.

You can check out the price list per activity and rental here!

Price list as of November 2016
Price list as of November 2016


Overall of Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort an amazing place, for couple travel, friend bonding, and family getaways. The many activities here guarantees that you never get bored. Of course, you never run out of the sprawling space to explore either. Although far and personally, I think it’s quite a road trip just to get here from Manila, it’s worth visiting. I have mixed feelings about the activities each have their own price, instead of it being part of the package, you have to pay for it one activity at a time. The food tastes good, the staff, friendly, and the rooms feel clean.




Pro Tips:

  • If staying in Amihan or Glamping, use the bathroom after 9am so it’s freshly cleaned and not at all muddy for a more comfortable experience
  • Best areas of mobile data signal is the Lake House and the Clubhouse
  • Bring an extension cord if you’re staying in Amihan or Glamping and charging multiple devices
  • No need to bring towels, they provide you freshly laundered towels wherever you’re staying
  • You can order “room service” from the Lake House. Ask for their mobile number and you can order through that. They’ll deliver chips, soda, etc right to your door step.





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