Museum Dress

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White backless dress with a gigantic bow at the waist, bright Filipino-textile boots, and a small brown leather backpack. Completed with a simple pear necklace, owl earrings, and hair untied.

I wore the exact same outfit, only with my hair in an intricate braid, in Singapore last year while going around their National Museum. The boots were comfortable to walk in and the simplicity of the dress perfectly matches the detail and brightness of the boots.

I bought the dress on an online sale and I was pretty happy that it fit really nicely. The material of the dress is¬†stretchable so it fits most people. I think it’s a great design, especially if you’re buying or selling this online. There is less pressure on getting the exact measurements of the body to fit in the dress.

The boots are actually my sister’s. She bought it at the night market in Baguio. So far, we haven’t seen anyone wear the same¬†thing ever.

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