My Picks: Top Komiket 2016 Comics

komiket 2016

Komiket is now in its second year! The Komiket 2016 was held last February 20 in Eton Centris. Aside from the usual indie comics, story compilations, stickers, trinkets, art prints were also part of the merchandise. But of course, I mainly go to these conventions for the comics. Here are my top comics from Komiket 2016.


Shape Therapy by Mich Cervantes

This mini comic only exclusively printed 50 copies for Komiket 2016. Mich Cervantes uses abstract illustrations to convey the deeper emotions of her narrative. Check out the full content on



Uy! Si Crush! by Blink Comics

Uy! Si Crush! is a really cute and funny story of a boy and a girl who had crushes on each other, but with a twist. The way they delivered the lines: witty and amusing. The characters: surprising. The humor is totally on point and will have you rolling on the floor laughing when you read this.



Patay kung Patay by Alcazaren, Pascual, Bernardo

A comic that tackles controversial issues of wealthy families killing civilians, workers, journalists and still staying in power. The heavy topic itself isnt enough. The comic had to add an additional element of fright and horror. Zombies. Definitely for mature readers only with its high level of violence, language, and gore.



Love in the Dog Pound by Lara Antonio and Che Bantayan

Komiket 2016 Best Artist Nominee Love in the Dog Park tells of a heart breaking story between an owner and its dog. Love in the Dog Pound is a two part series that delves into love, friendship, and loss. How far will you go for the ones you love?



Darwin’s Association of Delicious Evilness by Carlorozy

Filled with illustrative exaggerations and sadistic childhood dreams, “Darwin’s Association of Delicious Evilness” is reminiscent of action-filled anime. Big impossible ambitions of conquering the world. But trapped in such a little body of a grade schooler. This funny comic is made for mature readers as with its extreme violence and inappropriate language.


Do you have your favorites from Komiket? Share them in the comments section below!

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