Celebrate #NationalPamperingDay at Nailaholics

Girls and Boys, we deserve a treat and we deserve it soon! This October 17, celebrate #NationalPamperingDay with me at Nailaholics!

 From 10AM to 12 noon on the 17th of October, head over to any Nailaholics branch nationwide and get a relaxing manicure and free hand massage FOR FREE!!!! 
For many, even me, a trip to the nail salon resembles a rare indulgence. All too often, work and the daily grind of busy schedules keeps us from getting the necessary “me-time” that everyone craves and needs. And let’s be honest, sometime our budgets just won’t allow it. 
But as Nailaholics celebrates and takes part in the country’s first ever #NationalPamperingDay, the brand hopes to remind everyone that it’s OK to take some time for yourself and indulge a bit.
Perhaps no other nail salon in the country is better known for having perfected the art of a quick, urban pampering the way Nailaholics has. Their interiors inviting, their service efficient, and the promise of getting whisked away from realities of looming deadlines, to-do lists, traffic, and whatever else awaits outside the doors of this quaint Hamptons-themed escape, becomes possible —e ven if only for a few hours.
“We get that,” says Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head. “And it’s exactly why we we’re celebrating National Pampering Day. We want to give people who need a break a quick escape where they won’t have anything to worry about. So be sure that you head over to your nearest Nailaholics branch to get pampered for free.”
I took my #NationalPamperingDay a bit early, though. With an upcoming trip,I need to destress from work, work, and more work. Plus keep my digits glorious. Nailaholics branch in Gateway, Cubao looked really pretty! The staff treated me super nicely and politely. We even bonded while they pampered me! I had such a relaxing time!
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