Neon Pink on Black

neon pink

Neon Pink crop top worn with a pair of leather skort (shorts that flare to look like a skirt) on top of a warm set of black leggings. To complete the outfit, a black blazer and a black hat for the perfect combo. For a twist, I opted to wear white sneakers instead of black and paired it with my favorite off white leather backpack. I accessorized with my LadyBug ring, minimal necklace, and outrageous neon pink ?! shaped dangling earrings. Wearing my hair loosely wioth stray braids give it more edge but it’s perfectly balanced with my nude makeup.

One of my favorite fashion styles is when I have a monochromatic theme going on and suddenly and vividly splash in a super bright color that breaks the monotony. It feels energizing. It feels fun. Plus, it’s unbelievable easy to do. In this case, an electrifying neon pink crop top.

IMG_0420 IMG_0433 IMG_0437

I do love how the outfit I wore could also be worn in the Philippines. It’s casual enough and “normal” enough not to attract stares. But it’s super cool that it would look amazing still in the Philippines setting.I wore this on our 3rd day in Tokyo. This is my outfit for visiting the Meiji Temple, Yoyogi Shrine, and the Tsukiji market. I do with that I had known to rent the kimono on this day instead. That would make for super awesome photos in the big ass shrine. Weab alert! I’vea always wanted to wear those in shrines during a festival.

Now, I don’t often wear hats, though they do fit me so, if I do say so myself. It’s because it’s really hot here in the PH and wearing one makes me feel like my head is being boiled. It doesn’t help that the heat makes my scalp sweat and it cases unpleasant odors that I would rather avoid. So I often wear hats only when they’re breezy or when it’s cold.

My ladybug ring is my ode for the famous duo from Miraculous Lady Bug: Chat Noir and LadyBug combining their iconic symbols, the cat ring and the ladybug earrings.




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