A Look on Neutrals and Pop of Color


The base consists of a really a cute black leather skort, black sleeveless cotton crop top, and a super comfy black leggings. I wore one of my favorite jackets. A beautiful brown jacket with black long sleeves and over sized pockets. To accessorize, black watch, a black bag with gold trimmings, and brown leather high heeled booties. The overall theme is to use the neutrals to highlight the vibrant color of my hair.


_DSC0767The neutrals worked really well for me. As I suspected, those really amazing toned down colors really bring out the color of my hair. These photos were taken when my hair was freshly colored. Since it’s still super bright and vibrant, it matched perfectly with this outfit.

What I absolutely adore about this outfit is that it looks amazing with and without the jacket. Of course, on colder and less humid days, absolutely perfect. And, on hotter days, which is basically 95% of the time, the outfit still rocks. The way the brown shoes really work well with it and gives it a splash of color makes it a contender for one of the best outfits I’ve donned this year. Since the brown is neutral-ish, the color really blends well with the black color theme.


Those amazingly awesome photos were taken by Portraits by John. We took these shots in BGC in High Street. I loved working with him. He really showed what I think my outfit wanted to portray. I had so much fun with him and Joyce going around to shoot. Pokemon just released the day before and we used the shoot to also go around and catch as much Pokemon as we can! I can’t remember I had so much fun in a shoot! The unlimited lures in High Street made it really addictive to go out and catch. Although we caught mostly Pidgeys and Ratatas, I would never have thought I would cover as much ground as I would have in heels!

If you want your portraits shot, I definitely recommend having it done by Portraits by John. He takes amazing photos and creates an environment that you’ll be comfortable posing. I swear you won’t regret it!


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