Challenge: Not Gain Weight During the Holidays


This was meant to be a “How to” post. But since I can’t assure the results because I’ve never tried it before, and well, everyone I asked for advise on how to not gain weight this Christmas season laughed at my face (with spit flying in all directions because apparently not gaining weight during the holidays is the funniest joke ever) and told me it was not possible. At all. Like, don’t even hope.

So being masochistic as I am, I took it upon myself to try it so you guys won’t have to.


FOOD VS. JULIA Christmas Edition!

Who will win this challenge of a lifetime? The undefeated Christmas feasts or the hungry underdog Julia? Watch out for the results! In by January 2nd!




I set a few ground rules for myself in this challenge.

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Try to avoid snacking
  3. Keep sweets to a minimum. (OH NO. BUT CHOCOLATE CAKE)
  4. Moderate your food intake
  5. Serve veggies when hosting parties.
  6. Exercise
  7. Learn to say no (or how we Filipinos say “Ay. Kumain na po ako. Thank you po.”)


Challenge fine prints:

The challenge will run starting today, December 1st until January 1st. I am starting at 100lbs and by the end of the challenge, I should remain the same weight. I am embarrassed to put in my measurements so I’ll keep that to myself, a’ight?

Updates should be made weekly to track the progress. I mean, that’s just above three weeks. I can do that, right? (Laughs at my inability to make post series)


May the odds be ever in my favor. And I will see you in my next update. Let the Hunger Games begin!

Thinking about moderating my intake of lechon, leche flan, cake, spaghetti, and all sorts of roasted meat makes my heart cry with sadness.

UPDATE! Here is the Challenge Updates. Who won? Food or Julia?

Update 1: Not Gain Weight Challenge

Update 2: Not Gain Weight Conclusion


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