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By no means is Octoboy a new restaurant. I have always wanted to eat here but somehow kept delaying. It’s almost like we want to try a new restaurant, or we werent feeling Japanese for dinner, or it was just too far. But finally! I finally got to eat at Octoboy.

I love how I have finally wandered to this establishment. My friends and I were Pokehunting in the rain along West Avenue and Timog. YES. It is true. We walked from West Ave to Timog. This was on the day that Pokemon Go had released in the Philippines and we still went out even if it was crazily raining. PS. So much Pokemon in Timog. Our final stop was the elusive Octoboy, where we filled our famished tummies and charged our drained mobiles.

We ordered a bacon okonomiyaki, octopus takoyaki, and grilled squid. Their prices were pretty reasonable. I mean, it’s not super cheap, but it isn’t hella expensive either. It’s just right for the quality, I reckon.

Their grilled squid is super different from the Filipino version. First of all, it’s flat and is held by two sticks, unlike ours where we grill it whole. Secondly, I think they didnt put seasoning at all in the squid and just let the charcoal flavor it. Ours is just an explosion of flavor. Aside from our salt and pepper, we stuff our squids with tomoatoes, onions, a bit of garlis, and even ginger. THEN, after grilling, we even dip it in soy sauce wth kalamansi and chili. Talk about explosion of flavors. The grilled squid of Octoboy tasted super simple and delicious. Very Japanese. It’s stereotypical, I know, but that’s what it really tastes like! Like they just used the base flavor and enhanced it with the grill flavor. It’s delicious. It’s so umami.


The bacon okonomiyaki tastes gooood. Really flavorful and lotsa toppings! Although, I find that the tender soft texture, almost cake-like actually, mixed with the strong flavor of okonomiyaki lacks crunch. But, this is a comment for all okonomiyaki for me, not just Octoboy’s.  They do add in cabbage and other crunchy greens in it for more texture, but I;d love a chicharon-y fried texture to go well with this.

Photo Aug 06, 8 17 10 PM
Lastly, their octopus takoyaki. Well, that’s the original topping of takoyaki anyway. Fun fact: tako is octopus in Japanese. And I have absolutely no idea what the -yaki part means. Taste-wise, I love takoyaki and this did not disappoint. They serve it in 6 pieces per plate and I think that I would’ve wanted more servings of this.

Overall, Octoboy feels like a super authentic Japanese restaurant to me. I’d love to come back for sure! But I’m pretty worried. We went on a Saturday night and the place wan’t very full. I still have high hopes for it, and now that I’ve eaten there, I’m sure I’ll become a regular!



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Open Daily  5 PM to 3 AM
186 Tomas Morato Corner Scout De Guia, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
02 9902357
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