4 Online Fashion Shopping Tips

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I’m a huge fan of online shopping. But I know a lot of people who are skeptical of the magical world of online purchases. They think it’s unsafe, or that you’ll get ripped off. Here are some tips to help you with your online shopping

Don’t Expect it to be Picture Perfect on You

The colors aren’t always 100% that. Remember, they usually post edit photos and have different lighting that aren’t usually found at your house. The model would probably have a different skin coloring than you so a color that looks fab on the model might look meh on you. You have to remember that that model wearing the top, pants, outfit you want have a different body shape than you, most likely. So how that outfit drapes down her body would look different when you wear it. Which brings us to the next tip:

Know Which Cuts, Fabrics, Colors Look Good on You

Round necklines look terrible on me, but turtlenecks and V necks look awesome on me. Straight cuts are a no-no for my height and stumpiness. But fabric that are flexible and stick to my curves are a yes-yes. Knowing which clothing shapes look okay on you eliminate the hassle of buying things only to see that it looks horrible on you. Sometimes, the trick is window shopping a lot and taking note of which items look good on you.

Sizes Usually Differ from Asian Companies and Western Companies.

Small in Asian brands are usually TINY. And if Asian brands have a free size, expect it to be Small. We even call it Asian Size (which is almost always XS in Western Brands). If you’re a small size in a Western brand, chances are, you are a medium in Asian brands. There isn’t any standard sizing chart for fashion globally which is the saddest and most frustrating thing ever. But there is hope! There are brands that have sizing charts for this online shopping conundrum.

Tape Measure is your Friend

Or just know your vital measurements. Some sites feature sizing charts and the measurements of their pieces in the description, and when they do, I feel so much better buying something from there. Aside from knowing if it’ll fit me, pieces that include sizing chart feels more well thought about and more customer friendly.

Trusted Online Sites are your Best Bet

There are a lot lot LOT of sites that are known for online shopping and are safe for payments. They have multiple security features. Plus, they have a support center that you can complain to if you experience any misfortune with dealing with them.

What is extra great about them is that they carry brands in the mall. Zalora for example has many brands in their online store. You can update your wardrobe with the coolest trends from, say, Bench without having to stand up from your seat.



Online shops like Zalora have never failed me. Lazada will deliver, but sometimes deliver fake items. Ebay is my great go to when I’m being thrifty. And FB shops and IG shops are there when I’m being more risky. You should definitely check out http://instagram.com/wildchildph if you’re in your shopping mood.


Pro tip Bonus:

Meetups over Banks over Telecoms

When you aren’t going to use a trusted site, I mean online shops in Facebook or Instagram or anything similar, I urge you to pay via meet up (when you get your goods, and with another person, for extra safety of course). If they don’t accept meetups, you can pay through banks. At least through banks, you get a legitimate name of who you’re dealing with and can track and possibly sue if ever there is a mishap or scam that happens. I don’t suggest you pay using Telecom money (like Globe money or Smart Money) It is way too easy to make a fake account without real IDs and that’s dangerous for when you’re transferring money.


Do you have any online shopping tips you want to share? Do comment below to let everyone know!

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