Ooma Sushi Bar in Salcedo Village: Foodie Review


Ooma has been recommended to me over and over again. From friends, foodies, and even Zomato. Finally, I succumbed and tried the much hyped restaurant and ate at their branch in Salcedo Village.


At the heart of Salcedo Village, getting to Ooma is easy as pie. The only downside is weekdays tend to have no available parking around the are since its within the depths of the CBD. Weekends are lighter and more free so long as you get there early.


ooma salcedo

Ooma gives off this chic modern feel to its interior. The trendy designs on the upper portion makes off with a casual ambiance. The wooden chairs and minimalist tables creates a classy decor. The chairs were comfortable, but the small space made it so that benches werent present. You dont really feel the need to stay long and kinger in the furniture they chose. A practical choice since the space isnt very large. Quite perfect for a small get together with friends.


ooma salcedo

Being the only customers during my time there, i found the service very quick. I guess coming to the restaurant during its off peak hours probed to be a generous move on my part. The food came in quick and my house tea was refilled regularly.


The pricing of Ooma does not come cheap, however, it doesn’t break the bank. I would categorize it on the upper echelons of a mid-priced restaurant. The dishes served come between ₱200 – ₱500 on average. Its not a price i would pay for my daily lunch, but reasonable for the weekly date nights.


Kani Salad

My favorite dish here. I was in my diet mode and well, i just really like salads. Good thing, too. Since this was absolutely divine. I had expected the dressing to be heavy but it was subtle and highlighted the flavors of the topping very nicely. While being flavorful, the dressing does not overwhelm the flavors of the leaves and shrimp. The mango accentuates the salad and gives off a sweet citrus-y flavor.

Aburi Mixer

I opted to try their platter as it offers a tasting of 5different flavors. It consists of the following sushi: Salmon Skin Aburi Maki, Truffled Steak Aburi Maki, Kimchi Prawn and Enoki Aburi Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki. Unfortunately, all of the sushi does not have distinct flavor and just left my palate unsatisfied. Not to say it was bad, it wasn’t. It was just very indistinct that none of the flavors stood out.

No kimchi flavor in the kimchi prawn aburi, no salmon taste in the salmon skin aburi, and the spicy tuna maki isn’t spicy at all. The most distinct flavor profile would be the Truffled Steak Aburi Maki, but only barely. The aburi mixer, boasting of different flavors, all tasted the same. 

However, their gimmik of brushing the sushi with the sauce proved to be a fun experience. It was different and new and definitely excited me to try their sushi.


A Pork and cabbage Gyoza gratinated mozzarella and cheddar. Theoretically, the gooey cheese would add a level of saltiness and flavor that would elevate the pork flavor. Frankly, the gyoza could not keep the cheese hot enough to be gooey and simply glued the gyozas together. The cheese didn’t add depth of flavor either and the dish ended up tasting mediocre. Its not bad, but not amazing either.

Overall of Ooma

Ooma is a very pretty restaurant with great salad. But it didn’t live up to the hype that I’ve heard from my friends. It may be because of ordering the wrong things but I have this belief of judging restaurants with their weakest dishes. If it’s not good, why keep it in the menu? With that in mind, the other two dishes brought down Ooma’s score for me. Hopefully, I get to try their other dishes and update this and maybe raise their score in the future.

Phone Number: 02 88143795
Address: 136 Paseo Heights, L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm

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