Overalls: Fun and Floral


Denim overalls with leather and steel details, fitted floral crop top with lace fringes, dark brown combat boots partially laced up. Finished with a minimalist necklace and even more subtle stud earrings.



I wore this during my flight from Manila to Iloilo. I wanted my outfit to be fun but flexible since I’ll be travelling by air, land, and water. The ensemble isn’t too hot or too cold (Goldilocks, anyone?). The overalls also had a multitude of pockets so access to things like phones and some cash are relatively easy.

My combat boots are one of my favorite pairs to wear nowadays. Its very comfortable, easy to wear, and matches most my clothes. One of its added bonus is its water resistance so I’m not really afraid of getting my feet wet when riding boats and such.


I also wore this outfit during the second day of Graphika Manila 2016, but I met only a few people so I repeated my outfit. And yes, I do repeat my outfits, just not with the same people. If I think I’ll be meeting someone who already saw my outfit, either I don’t wear the ensemble at all or tweak it by a lot so it becomes a different one or at least feel different.

What I really adore about this outfit is the fact that it shows a bit of midriff without actually looking too revealing. The overalls covered most of it. The detail of the fringe of the crop top is also really nice. Since the top is fitted, the lace runs along the middle and creates this nice contrast against the skin.



I don’t think I have enough minimalist necklaces and accessories in general so I’m on the look out for more. Most likely, being who I am, I’ll buy it online and rid myself of the hassle of browsing through many shops physically.

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  • Bea G. Aldeguer
    Posted February 24, 2016 11:38 pm 0Likes

    I agree with wearing combat boots. Before the first time of wearing them, I was hesitant because they look heavy then realized they are actually comfortable to wear and gave my feet lots of breathing room. Love your denim by the way ­čśë

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