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If you’re looking for ramen in San Juan, you’ll definitely think of Oyasumi Ramen. Oyasumi in Japanese means “Good night”. Surely, it’s the best description for this restaurant for after eating here, you’ll be so full you’ll want to sleep right there and then.


Oyasumi Ramen stands besides a SCUBA Dive shop in the street of P Guevarra. It’s a pretty small area so you might pass it by. Although there is no proper commute to get there as I have seen, there is a limited parking space in front. You might want to reconsider bringing a car if you’re going for peak hours like lunch or dinner.



Oyasumi Ramen went with the kind of industrialized look in their interiors. I am so into this look nowadays. I feel like industrial look takes such a simple space and minimizes the work and still make it look clean and sharp. Plus, minus all the humdrum of elaborate decor, you’ll be focusing much of your senses into tasting the food instead.

The first floor is quite small, housing only the kitchen and a long bar where you can order and eat. The second floor has all the tables for eating with whomever you are with.


We sat on the second floor and we ordered a few of their dishes. Most of the cutleries are available on the table but we were brought a glass full of cold water. The request for hot tea came quickly, too. They put a button you can push on the table to call for service, which is nice. The food was served within reasonable time, hot and ready. It helps that we were there with few customers so the waiters had their the attention on us most of the time.




Ramen and gyoza really works together. I guess it may be the crispy outer layer of the gyoza that makes it work very well with ramen. Plus the gyoza sauce gives it a tangy pop that really makes the flavor stand out.

The gyoza of Oyasumi Ramen tastes good and the texture is just right. However, it’s not out-of-this-world. Rather, the flavor is more traditional and authentic.


Basil Ramen

I love that they melded the very Japanese dish with an herb that I associate most with Italian cuisine. Of course, I know that a lot of cuisines use basil for a lot of their dishes, but basil for me really screams pesto and Italian. That bias made me want to taste that (in my mind) Japanese-Italian fusion.

Let me tell you right now, I was not disappointed. The creamier version of the broth base made it heavier, but more succulent. I would hhave wished for more nori, but that’s just because I’m a seaweed fan. I love the taste of the pork, but I would wish that it had more texture.


Tonkatsu Tantan

Those who love spicy hot dishes will certainly enjoy Tonkatsu Tantan. It’s a bit thicker than the soup base of the other ramen but only a tiny bit. Aside from the spicier soup base, almost everything is similar to the other ramen. Same toppings and serving size.

Of course, we ordered extra chashu (pork) but since the serving was huge, I had difficulty finishing it all!


Value for Money

Personally, I think that ramen is expensive. I mean, a bowl, which is usually good for a single person, estimates Php350. Although this was not the most expensive ramen I’ve eaten, it’s not the cheapest either. I would say that their prices are average, but is okay for the quality of ramen they serve.


Overall of Oyasumi Ramen

Oyasumi Ramen is a great place to get your ramen fix. They serve quality noodles and tasty broths in varieties that will delight your taste buds. Although there is difficulty in getting there, the dishes you’ll try seems well worth it! I’ll definitely come back and try more of their ramen flavors!


02 2750309
11 AM to 10:30 PM
308 P. Guevarra Corner Seaview Street, Greater San Juan, San Juan City 1504

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