Pattern on Mustard


Mustard colored loose sweater underneath a black and white 90’s pattern inspired overalls. Worn with my travel cape of more patterns and matched with a fishnet stocking with an aztec inspired pattern. Paired with my favorite maroon boots. To accessorize, a long wool scarf that you can put your hands into to get warm, black leather sling bag, a pair of big golden stud earrings, and a black watch. I put my hair into a loose fishtail braid to emphasize that my hair’s colors are gradually changing from the roots going to the tip.

Recently, patterns have been a go to for me. It’s a little jazzed up than the block colors. Where better to do the most outrageous pattern on pattern that I could wear but Tokyo?


Known for its youth’s eccentric fashion sense, I took the opportunity to dress up as wildly as I could. And you know what? I fit right in. It was a glorious feeling to wear something so experimental and not get ogled by passers by. When you see so much fashion inspiration strutting down their stuff just down the streets. To meet someone with an even more outrageous outfit in the subway. For that, I give Tokyo a 5 star rating for the best place to amp up your outfits.

Though difficult to match pattern with pattern, its such a joy to do so because you’ll barely see it done normally anymore. It was a hit during the 90s, but now, in a world in which minimalist aesthetic is the norm and the ideal, it’s a breath of fresh air to do pattern on pattern. Furthermore, it looks different and it allows you to explore and experiment. It’s freedom.

Funny story! I got this beautiful photos during the night by standing in front of a well lit convenience store. Using their display light as my main source of light, it was a cinch getting these really amazing shots.


I’ll have you know that my patterned overall was bought in Divisoria for only Php200. It may be difficult to match, but its uniqueness makes this piece challenging and fulfilling to wear. Plus, being able to pair it with other eccentric pieces was a really fun experiment! Sad that this is one outfit I would get to wear in my country. Aside from it being hot 365 days a year, the public is not very used to experimental fashion in the streets.

Mustard, or yellow in general, has also been one of the colors that are difficult to wear. They have only specific skin tones they match well with, and if you don’t have that tone, you would look awful. To find the correct shade of yellow that suits your skin is the trick to wearing yellow. By experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that mustard yellow is most suited to my skin.




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