Personal Resolutions 2016


I’m turning 25 this year. It’s high time I start thinking and doing adult things. Although no one really wants to adult, there will alas come a time when you can never avoid it anymore. I’m taking this a step further and start really thinking about the future. So this year’s resolutions “theme” is future planning.

1) Eat healthier

My body won’t be at its prime forever. Right now, its kind of easy-ish to lose weight and maintain it. According to ~*science*~ it won’t be that way forever and eventually, my metabolism will turn, well, ew. This resolution doesn’t just mean eat more veggies or eat less, but actually paying attention to what I put in my body. I’m considering eating brown rice and other wheat-full products instead of the more processed kind (white rice or white bread (you racist!)). Try to get fresher ingredients instead of canned. And as much as I ADORE canned corn, it’ll have to take a back seat and make way to fresh, need-to-boil-first corn. It requires more effort, but let’s look at the future, shall we?


2) Exercise more

My second of the resolutions is more More MORE time consuming and requires even more More MORE effort than the others. Strong is the new sexy, they say. Aside from the sexy bod benefits of exercise, the health benefits are 100% awesome. You don’t get tired as fast, your metabolism becomes amazing, and dopamine is always <3. Plus, if you start building the habit of exercising now, it won’t be as difficult as it would be in, say 10 years later, when you need to exercise more to retain your metabolism and look young! Exercise is the fountain of youth!

3) Start investing

By now, I’ve saved up enough for emergencies in the bank. But that amount is stagnant and well, is just sitting there collecting dust. the next logical thing to do is invest. It’s kind of but not really like a bank, but your money has the possibility to grow Grow GROW. I won’t be doing this for a quick buck, but it’s going to become my “savings” for pension. Yes, its boring, but I’d rather be boring than be a sad miserable l’d fool when I grow up.


So, three’s the charm. In my blogging resolutions and my personal one. I’m stopping at three. It might be an amazing idea if I stop at 3 in my artist resolutions, yeah? Well, you’ll just have to see if I will stop at three. (Hey, that rhymed!)

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  • Rey Emmanuelle
    Posted January 2, 2016 11:09 am 0Likes

    great resolutions! im all for self improvement and future security! all the best fro 2016! 🙂
    rey emmanuelle | modmenco

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