My Picks: Top Indie Komiks from Komikon


My Picks: Top Indie Komiks from Komikon

Every year, I go to Komikon. Our Komikon is different from the comic conventions of other countries because our Komikon focuses on the artists and local comic industry, whether indie or not. Komikon hosts talks and presentations about the creation, marketing, and state of the comic industry of the Philippines. With this kind of event, the industry is creating more and more Filipino comic creators every year. 

This year, these are my top comic picks:


Magdalo by Fatima Bergonia

Paolo is an activist who’s way too in fighting for their group’s causes. This comic shows that sometimes the things you want to fight for can lead you to drastic decisions.




Things To Remember by Jess Santiago and Jez Nabong

This touching story is about a grandmother with a fading memory while her husband tries to help her remember before her kids and grandkids come over. This comic leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling of love and comfort.



Ang Bad-Ass Buhay ni Lam-Ang by Carlorozy

A comical rendition of the Philippine myth “Lam-Ang”. Using casual Taglish and messily beautiful art style similar to action manga, the artist tells the story without the usual school headache. Fair warning to those who are offended by foul language, the comic is littered with it.



Itch by Mich Cervantes

A story about a high school girl studying in an all girls Catholic school and how she reacts to her hormonal puberty feels. The comic is full of relatable thoughts and experiences during that time of our lives. I wished I had read this when I was in high school, I really really do!



Overheard at UP (Illustrated Stories)

Based on the posts on the famous group “Overheard at UP”, these collection of comic shorts are funny renditions and interpretations of the funniest posts from the stories of real life people. I couldn’t stop laughing while reading!

What are your comic picks? Let me know in the comments section!

For more information on Komikon, visit their Facebook page and website.