Pine Country Steak and Waffles Baguio: Foodie Review


Located in Leonard Wood Road, just beside the Safari Lodge and Museum, Steak and Waffles stands upon the hill side overlooking the street below. Just beside it is Pine Country Bed and Breakfast that caters to many family as their guests.

I tried Steak and Waffles because it was right there beside Safari Lodge(where I spent the night). We didn’t want to travel far for lunch and we had heard good things about it from the locals.



Cozy would be the best term I can think of this restaurant. Steak and Waffles have that homey and vintage vibe that Baguio seems to thrive on. Furnished with deep dark wooden furniture, the classic vibes feels incredibly peaceful. The Large chandeliers really fill up the space without it looking too extravagant. And the mini stick figurines on the table lend a Filipino ethnic vibe that completes the Baguio experience.




The service tends to be slow here, especially when the house gets full. Although it does take a whileyo get their attention, they are polite and helpful. Your orders may arrive around 5 minutes more than you would wish it should, but it does arrive fresh and hot.



T-Bone Steak



Grilled to perfection. This juicy and tender steak comes to you hot and fresh off the grill. Served with your choice of plain rice, garlic rice, mashed potato, stuffed potato, or potato wedges. All the side dishes tasted top-notch. Never underestimate carbs. This dish comes to you served with a gravy boat filled with, duh, gravy, and buttered vegetables. Don’t you just love that pop of color of the veggies? I think this is my new personal favorite dish in Baguio.



Country Barbeque Glazed Ribs



Fall off the bone goodness in a plate. This dish is super tender and the barbeque glaze is just the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and a smidgen of citrusy. Like the steak, they come served with your preference of plain rice, garlic rice, mashed potato, stuffed potato, or potato wedges. Of course, it is served with honey mayo dip and delicious buttered vegetables. I love how the crunch of the vegetables feels in my mouth with the tender beef.


Country Waffles

steak and waffles

Php 138

Waffles topped with fresh fruits, whipped cream, low fat butter, and maple syrup. Drizzled with chocolate ganache and strawberry coulis.

This probably would be the best waffle you’d find at this price point. It has two layers of waffle, ice cream and super fresh strawberries. Light and fluffy inside yet crispy and crunchy outside. The perfect meld of dessert! You will never go wrong having this. No wonder their name is Steak and Waffles. Those are just outstanding. The serving is also good to share as a dessert and very heavy as a main meal.




Overall of Steak and Waffles

I don’t think Steak and Waffles serve anything bad. Also, from my experience, everything we ordered was heavenly. Of course, I couldn’t get enough of everything!!! The dishes were cooked in a classic way, not the post modern, trying to be overtly creative way, but just plain good-food-good-price-never-will-die  way. I bet this tastes exactly like this after 50 years. The classics just can’t be beat.

Just remembering makes me want to board a bus to Baguio just to have more of it. Not only is it inexpensive, the restaurant is also super accessible (via jeep or cab or walking) and everything was delicious. The place felt unbelievably accommodating and really family-oriented. I’ll definitely bring my family here when I visit the land of strawberries again.


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