Pizza Hut Delivery Made Easier #PizzaMeNow


Pizza nowadays need to be delicious, affordable, and most importantly, convenient. Pizza Hut just launched their new website that promises even easier ordering with more convenient ways of paying for it! Not only that, they also added a new feature that let’s you order in advance and schedule the delivery. But that’s not all.

To celebrate the launch (and I think to entice you to register in the site) Pizza Hut is offering FREE PIZZA ON YOUR FIRST ORDER when you order online! I mean, so long as you reach Php500 and register. But still! FREE PIZZA! I’ll register 200x to get free pizza.



Kidding aside, I have to tell you, though their website is responsive, the UI for the mobile site leaves something to be desired. It works and it’s okay, but it’s not as intuitive or as easy as I would want. There are still some glitches, BUT, it is a lot better than calling 9111111 because I don’t like phone calls. It’s a quirk of mine. So people with phone anxieties, this is the PERF solution.


Okay so, the new stuff about the ordering in Pizza Hut:

  1. Registration and ability to reorder “saved” orders. Wonderful for repeat customers with favorites. Me, I’d save my cheesy crust supreme pizza with spaghetti bolognese and soda. Done! Easy as pie. Ha!
  2. Scheduled delivery. I love the option to have it delivered whenever I want. Even order on breakfast and get it for dinner. The best example for using this that I’ve heard is that they scheduled the pizza to get to their house the same time as they did from their work. Hot pizza just in time, yo!
  3. Take Out Option included. If you have a Pizza Hut super near you and don’t want to wait for the delivery, they have the option that you can pick it up yourself. It’s basically an advanced order so no more waiting time when you get to your nearest Pizza Hut branch.
  4. ONLINE PAYMENT! My personal favorite new option~ Think of the possibilities! You can send pizza to a friend who’s feeling down halfway across the nation! Or super minimized people contact (Option best for introverts). No more scrounging around the house for enough cash to pay for the pizza. No need for withdrawing money! The best option ever. All online stores should have this option, in my opinion.
  5. Swipe on Delivery. You can pay in credit card when they deliver! Go technology! This is my second favorite website update. If you don’t have online payment accounts or feel weird to use online payment, but no cash, you can swipe your CC to pay for your pizza. It’s cool and amazing, and I’m so glad technology has gone this far.
  6. Promos you can only get by ordering online. 1st promo: Free regular Hawaiian pizza on your first order for a minimum of order of Php500. Which is enough prize to make me register more than once. BUT 2nd promo (isn’t bad either): Free 1.5 Pepsi for succeeding orders (forever, I hope).


Look at all these pizza. We might have gone overboard in ordering. The delivery option is so cool that you can have pizza delivered from inside the mall. We ordered all these (and a lot more) right in the middle of Gateway Mall. The Oasis Garden (which y’all should visit at least once in your life, by the way) held the launch of the new website.

The new hashtag has been born! #PizzaMeNow. I have so many thoughts about this hashtag. Differing opinions as a social influencer, as a marketing person, and as a pizza fan. Comment below if you want me to share my thoughts on this hashtag!


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