Polka Dot Bakeshop Malate: Foodie Review

Polka Dot Bakeshop is one of the very few if not the only LJC establishment that doesn’t have ornate and vintage decor. The look that the bakeshop seems to be more on the modern and cheerful ambiance.


Polka Dot Bakeshop grabbed its prime spot in one of the busiest section of Malate. Along with their sister restaurants in the area, they dominated the food scene for both tourists and locals alike.


Cheerful, modern, and light; the interior could not be further from what other LJC group of restaurants feel like. Even so, the quality of food cannot be denied that its definitely LJC standard.

The interior is very colorful and quite bright. Large windows adorned the walls and happy vibes are emanated from the store counter with the colorful cakes.


Mostly a bakeshop, the small store can seat only a few guests. Most of the customers that pass by are for takeout. In that way, the service that they need to provide is minimal, making eating in there fast and efficient.


Polka Dot Bakeshop also offers a small variety of lunch/dinner food but I wasn’t able to taste though. I did get to try a lot of their cakes so let me tell you about my absolute faves.

Lemon Torte Cake

Don’t be fooled by the pinkness of the cake. The flavor inside is not strawberries, ratherĀ  lemon curd and vanilla chiffon. The lightness of the cake is perfect with the sweet and tangy taste of lemon. That flavor also lessens its sweetness making it a cake that you don’t tire of.

Walnut Chocolate Gateau

This cake is the opposite of the lemon chiffon cake. The cake is super heavy and moist. Not too sweet either, but definitely something that you would feel guilty eating. The smoothness of the chocolate is contrasted by the crunch of walnuts balancing the cake’s textures.

Overall of Polka Dot Bakeshop

I love wht LJC did with the Polka Dot Bakeshop. Though different from their normal style, the bakeshop retained the expected standards and quality of an LJC establishment. Particularly, I am impressed with their moist decadent chocolate cake. Hopefully, more of these bakeshop gets introduced to a wider range of people!

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