Preparing for My First Solo Travel: Part 2

In my previous post regarding Prepping for my First Solo Travel, I talked about my worries and my nervousness. This time, I’ll be talking more about the preparations I’ve made, itinerary-wise and other pre-travel concerns.

So first things first. When I go to Taiwan, I would need a few things to be able to travel as hassle-free as possible. One, accommodation. Two, transportation. Three, itinerary.


I scourged Agoda, AirBnB, and other hotel sites that I usually use to book my accommodations internationally.

The most comfortable option would be to book my own hotel room. Hotels usually mean 24 hour service, breakfast buffets, and help from concierge. However, hotels are so expensive. A single night alone would DRAIN my funds! Goodness me. Not for this trip.

Next option would be AirBnb, but I’m not a huge fan of staying at houses of people I don’t know. Especially alone. ESPECIALLY ABROAD. You know, where you can’t speak the language, know not a soul, and get lost in a heartbeat. So yeah. Although I’ve never experienced anything bad or dangerous or even mildly uncomfortable with AirBnb, Imma give it a pass just for now. Better safe, amirite?

So alas, the option I’ve chosen. Using Agoda as my sword, I slashed the prices off my choice of temporary residence. TADA! I’ve chosen the cutest hostel. It’s called Beimen Wow Poshtel and I am just in love with the aesthetic. My biggest concern now is that if I bring a luggage, would it fit the locker. (What a first world problem!) 


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I land int Taiwan super early in the morning. One freaking A.M. early. With that schedule, I can wave goodbye to using a train to get to the airport. Well, I can always take the bus. I’ve even determined (with the trusty help of the mighty internet) what the time table of the bus from the airport to Taipei Main Station is.

But then! Plot twist!  I saw from that I can actually schedule a seat in a car to bring you from the airport to where you need to go DIRECTLY and vice versa! Although, you can only have it within Central Taipei, it’s still super good! Who needs to live outside Taipei anyway? It’s basically a schedule Uber Pool! Love it!


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I’ve researched and have put a pin on the places I want to go.

After grueling hours of arranging and rearranging tours, finally, I figured out the best itinerary I should follow.
Now my itinerary is heavily customized to my tastes. I would spend hours and hours in art districts but only give a cursory glance at some usual popular areas.

Along that line, I’ve browsed through a lot a Lot A LOT of websites that “sell” tourist-y stuff like transportation from the airport to your hotel, low entrance fees to museums, etc. Someone recommended to me. I haven’t bought anything yet, since I’m still finalizing how I’ll get from place to place. I have a general idea on how I’ll be doing it, but the specifics aren’t set in stone yet.

Here is my general itinerary for the trip so far:

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Chiang Kai Shek
*Martyr’s Shrine
Confucious Temple
*Baoan Temple
*Another Temple


National Palace Museum
Shung Ye Museum
Folk Arts Village
Longshan Temple


*Taipei 101
Jiufen Rocks
Depart to Airport

The connotes that I can stand to miss those spots

I’m really trying to be as thorough as I can be. Solo travelling can be dangerous and stressful, I reckon, if I just run ahead without anything. Especially since I have such a short stay, I’d like to make the most of my journey.

So, that’s me arranging the three things I’ll need before traveling!

Watch out for Part 3!

If you have tips for travelling to Taiwan or solo travelling or travelling in general, please let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you and I need all the help I can get!

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