Preparing for My First Solo Travel: Part 3

It’s the D-Day. The Day. Flight Day. Taiwan Time. Solo Travel Vacay. Am I ready for this? The answer was a total YES!


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This flight would be my first flight that I don’t have a checked in luggage. Yup. I’m a notorious over packer. Pack light isn’t something I do. Not with my urge to dress up daily, bring all the essentials I would need, even emergency kits for all sorts of instances. I had to totally downgrade EVERYTHING I need to lighten my load. I’m not even going to use my luggage! *Gasp*

Still, I crammed my clothes, camera, and other paraphernalia in a basic tote bag that’s absolutely perfect for travel. I have my light leather backpack with me, too. The tote bag was heavier than I though, probably because I put my gorilla pod there along with all my toiletries, chargers, etc etc.

I’m quite anal about the weight, making sure it’s lower than 7kgs every time I add or remove something from my bags. I heard that Taiwan strictly enforces the 7kgs as carry on rule so I want to be absolutely sure I won’t exceed and pay such a lofty luggage fine. You also can’t have more than two carry on, even if it fits the 7kgs weight limit.



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I’ve spent a bit of time making my itinerary. Of course it includes the address, how to get there, and some notes I left for myself. My usual technique is to create a tiny booklet of my itinerary, probably the size of my passport, so I can keep them together in one small pouch.

It has everything I need to know there, you know, just in case an emergency happens. I even made a version of it perfect for mobile. That way, just in case I lose that, I have a back up.

I’m definitely going to upload my itinerary on my Taipei guide (which will be published soon!).



I’m super duper nervous the whole day. Of course, I’m trying to look cool and all. I kind of want to exude the aura of “Oh, I travel alone all the time. Pshaw, this is nothing. Solo Travel, Pshhhh.” But in reality, I’m low key panicking and internally screaming bloody hell.

I keep fiddling with Uber and Grab, checking their rates going to the airport from home. I just couldn’t stay still. But the day had come and I needed to be as ready as can be. And I do think, I did all that I could to be as ready as I can be.

So I took a deep breath, and started my trip to Taiwan. Solo.


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