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A Rowii Sena designer gown. Light pink-ish, sleeveless, trailing floor length gown with a Qi Pao neckline, and lace and bead embroidered chest window. The gown has a sheer cloth for the back for an illusion of a backless dress. It’s covered with an intricate embroidery made of lace and shiny beads. The back is held closed by a whopping 20 pearl finished buttons.  A dark nude colored removable dual trailing cape. This is accessorized by various gold accessories, most of which came from H&M.

I wore my hair into an intricate braided up do. I went for the bronzed golden makeup with a dark nude shade of lipstick.


This year, Homestuck PH held its last Promstuck ever. Homestuck ended a few days before and it is the grand celebration of its creation, existence, and end. It also celebrates the community of HSPH: Good Group, Best Family.

More about my Promstuck Thoughts and Reminiscing here.

My gown’s inspiration is the Hope aspect of the Homestuck fandom. They’re yellowish and golden in color theme. I chose the this aspect for my inspiration is mainly because of its color and general feel. I also love the flowy symbol. I think its a perfect thing for a formal gown. It has a very positive aura about them. Hopefulness is a great and apt description for their aura.




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My designer, Rowii Sena, had envisioned different designs, which to my utmost delight, all have capes. <3 All the designs also had intricate lace and bead embroideries which are to die for.

I’ve been having Rowii make my gowns for a few years now. All of them are really gorgeous. He knows exactly what I want. He is really in tune with my tastes. And he makes really beautiful flattering pieces. He is super creative and amazing and I just let him do as he pleases. He is also super sensitive to when I need to keep to a budget.

It’s amazing, the creations he comes up with. I only just show him a few of my super vague inspirations and request a few things like “I’d love for it to be gold or have gold” and BAM! Super amazing design, y’all!



The fabric he chooses are always nice and beautiful. He used a full cloth of lace, cut it all up, and created a gorgeous design for my gown. I am just in love with every piece he creates for me.

This particular gown is not only beautiful and elegant as hell, it is also pretty practical, considering that it’s a formal gown. The cape, amazingly, is detachable. How cool is that?? Which is super great because it would have gotten in the way on having a wild party time after the Promstuck.

And and aaaaand! This gown is even more amazing because, get this, it has POCKETS. Yep. Like a pair of trousers, this pretty piece of clothing can carry my phone and lipstick and no need for bags. No hassle of carrying teeny tiny purses. I kept everything with me. It’s every girl’s dream.


All my accessories, except my hair chains are from H&M. I loved just how perfect the shape of the earrings matched the chest design. The shimmer of the fake diamonds look really sparkly and kira kira. Plus, the bracelet matched the flowy wavy symbol lacey thing amazingly, too.

To be honest, I didn’t give much attention to my shoes. I just used an old pair lying around in the house that kind of matched the color of the gown. It was going to be hidden most of the time anyway. Don’t worry, I still made sure it isn’t noticeable that I didn’t really care for the shoes.


You can check out this video to see the intricacies of the gown!

I’ll be making a better video and nicer photos on June!



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