Promstuck Thoughts and Reminiscing

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Promstuck started 5 years ago. I became Homestuck trash 4 years ago. My very first meet up with all the Homestuck trash like me is the second Homestuck ball. It was named Grand Homestuck Ball. GHB for short. It was an amazing event. I knew 4 people out of the 80 or more who came. But It was like having instant friends. Everyone was welcome because everyone shared a common love of this webcomic that took up the internet and our hearts in storm. Fast forward to 4 years later and I’m part of the committee driving to make the best and grandest Promstuck ball the community has ever seen. Why? Because this was going to be finally the final Promstuck Homestuck PH is ever going to host.

It was on the 15th of April. Just 2 days after the last page of Homestuck was published. Everyone had yet to accept the fact that out beloved web comic was indeed over.

As a celebration to the memory and friendship all of us had made throughout the years of being fans, as well as a commemoration for the ending of Homestuck, the committee spent countless hours of planning and labor to create this Promstuck 2016: Ascend with the Gods.



Promstuck Committee Team

Being part of a committee was hard work. Really hard work and dedication. The members had to juggle work, academics, thesis, and extra-curricculars with the planning of the biggest event of the year. Finding the perfect location was hard enough, but the hell of the logistics drove us all to near tears. But we love what we were doing. And we love all the HSPH members. We were committed. Many oculars of the place and many mix matching of dates we had it set. Now we had to make sure that we raise enough money to make it reality.

The community was more than enthusiastic to be part of the event. We loved making publicity materials for H Y P E. We scheduled crafternoons dedicated to making custom centerpieces that revolved around the Prospit and Derse classes. I volunteered my house and made props even though the host (me) wasn’t present. We were racing through time but we were having a manic frenzied kind of fun that you can only hope to get when you are in a state of last minute panic. The pieces took weeks to make, but when we saw how people reacted to our masterpieces, we were elated.

Finally, it was the day of reckoning. There were last minute adjustments and mild heart attacks. Knowing us, it was coupled with memes and puns and laughter and singing. And we made it happen.

I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the ballroom. It was beautiful. People were streaming in their fancy clothes, Homestuck inspired mostly. It was a happy atmosphere. Some were awkward at first but grew more comfortable each passing minute.

Photo by Hiraya Mondragon Photography

Performances and Games

We started off with a speech from none other than one of the founders of HSPH. It was about how HSPH came to be and how it grew into this extremely large and tight knit group.

We had games relating and not relating to Promstuck. We had plushies as grand prizes. Of course, Promstuck wouldn’t be complete without performances from our bold and talented members. I myself sang a song on stage. I was really nervous, but I tried not to show it. I rehearsed my song over and over again, even going to the ballroom, I was singing it in my head. I went up the stage and I saw the people I loved and I melted. I wasn’t performing in front of strangers; I was with my LARGE family of 150. I saw these people every day online. I read their posts, laugh at their jokes, and cry with them in times of sadness. I loved each and every one of them. Everyone cheered when I showed the super power of my gown, its pockets. Then I sang. And the program continued on its energized aura.



There were more singing from people with better voices than mine. Oh how I wish I had their talent. The people who danced were out of this world! They had epic moves and sensational stage presence. There were even those who performed beautiful spoken word poetry, and one notably played the flute for us all.

Dancing and Shenanigans


No one could contest that the crowd was W I L D.  People were absolutely crazily raving! Countless bodies were jumping up and down. Bopping to the beat. People took off their shoes to dance and party even harder. There was even a time when people were crowd surfing! It was a great time is an even greater understatement. No one cared about how they looked or how weird they were. All of us were weird and crazy. All we cared about was having the time of our lives with the friends we made. It was just about having fun.

After the dancing that could stop not a soul, we awarded different winners and the time to end the Promstuck came.

Photo by Hiraya Mondragon Photography

The event was closed with a speech with a beloved admin. Her talk was about how Promstuck came to be and what Homestuck PH would become now that Homestuck had ended. Laughs were heard and tears were shed. And then, it had to end.


Thank you all from Homestuck PH, for making the best and the most wonderful prom experience of my life.



Photos from Hiraya Mondragon Photography and Moonstruck Creatives.

How was your prom experience? Would you like your own prom with just your friends? Share your thoughts on the comments section below!

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